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ZERO RISK BETS, PerAnna Best Price

PerAnna Best Price Online Savings

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Visit Site But when it comes to "gambling" there are only ever two winners – and neither of them are reading this page now.

I’m SICK of getting my hopes up ever time I buy a new system, only to get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach once I realise I’ve been conned AGAIN…

For years my wife was convinced I was going to bankrupt us and, to be honest, for a long time she was almost right…

Ruthless "experts" peddle their lies to everyday punters like you and me and we buy into their CRAP.

You can do what you want with the rest of the day: relax at home, go for a walk in the park, visit friends…

In fact you don’t even need to understand how gambling works to make winning bets EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This is a tool I use DAY IN, DAY OUT to generate the "life changing" income you can see on this page…

In my quest to design and build the ultimate "Zero Risk" Auto Betting Software I looked at a LOT of so called "systems" and was shocked at what I discovered…

If you’ve ever bought a betting system with a 97% or even worse 99% "Win Guarantee", I’m sure you soon realised it was a load of CRAP.

The MARTINGALE system can work for weeks or even months until it ends up in a streak of losses and ALL money is lost – FOREVER.

Most "systems" just care about short-term gains but just end up creating long-term destruction and ultimately, the loss of YOUR money – all of it.

They NEED you to keep buying useless products that are not worth the space they… Read more…

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Betting Apps: Reducing Risk to Zero, TechFaster

zero risk betting Betting Apps: Reducing Risk to Zero

Making money in the sports betting world is a fantastic buzz, but doing it blindly, without any sense of direction, it can be a bad idea. Whenever you mix money and luck there’s always a chance things can go wrong; however, it’s possible to negate this risk by using some of the latest technology in both the online and mobile world.

Although the title of this article is slightly misleading in that you can’t ever reduce your risk to zero, it is possible to turn the odds in your favour by harnessing the power of modern software. Able to provide small risk betting options for novice punters, these apps allow you to manage your money, plan your bets and analyse data in a much more efficient way than was ever possible before the advent of online betting.

Products such as Bet Mover, MathBetting and Fairbot, allow you have complete control of your sports betting activities and that’s the only way you can really reduce your risk when you gamble. Luck will always play a part in the outcome of any sports betting endeavour (known as variance), even if you do your research and make all the right moves, so the best you can do is minimise the amount of traps you can fall into.

For example, take a product such as MathBetting, this app allows you to set you bet amount, pick the results you believe will happen and the software will scour the betting exchange for the best odds. This app optimises the betting process and works out the best option in all circumstances and basically does the job of a professional sports bettor.

Even if you’re a novice, an app such as MathBetting will allow you to bet like a pro and, while you may not be wagering and winning the same amounts as the big boys, it’s possible to operate on a similar level with a low risk betting strategy aided by modern tech. Sports betting is a fantastic way to make some more money, but only if you’re careful. Fortunately, online software has made things a lot safer for novices, so if you are thinking about venturing out and speculating on your favourite sport, it makes sense to use all the tools at your disposal.

Risk Free Betting

zero risk betting

Wouldn't it be nice if we could always predict the winner? Certainly make life a lot easier wouldn't it :). Maybe we can't predict the winner but we can make sure that we come out in profit, how you might ask? Well let me tell you by way of showing what I did recently. are offering to match your first bet to maximum of £25 freebet. So I signed up and deposited my £25.

I could have a bet as usual knowing that if it loses I will get £25 back and try again but although I like a bet I choose losers more often than I win and anyhow I want it guaranteed risk-free! So my next task is to get the freebet with it costing me as little as possible. We call this the qualifying bet.

My Qualifying Bet

I Backed Fsv Frankfurt in their game against St. Pauli on 12/12/2008, £25 @ odds of 3.0 (2/1) with Stan James. I then went to my betdaq account (who were offering 2% commission) and I laid Fsv Frankfurt for £25.51 @ odds of 2.96 Simple. Total liability zero. Zero Liability, how?

If back bet at Stan James wins we win £50 (£75 - original stake £25) and we lose £50 at betdaq. Liability zero

If our back bet at Stan James loses we lose £25 (our original stake) but win £25 at betdaq. Liability zero

So I won nothing but crucially I lost nothing making this bet zero liability (more often you are likely to make a small loss on the qualifying bet) and received a nice £25 freebet from Stan James. Which I turned into a guaranteed risk free profit.

Risk Free Profit

So the next day, 13/12/2008, I used my £25 freebet courtesy of Stan James to place a bet on Real Madrid in there match against Barcelona, £25 @ 11/2 (6.5). I then went to my Betdaq account again and laid Real Madrid £20.90 @ 6.6 (but got matched at 6.5). Guaranteed profit of £20.48, whatever the outcome of the match. 81.91% retained, very nice.

If Real Madrid won I would have won £137.50 (£25 * 6.5 - £25 original stake as Stan James offer is stake NOT returned) and lose £117.02 at Betdaq = profit £20.48 (If Real Madrid had won I would have made very slightly more as I got matched at 6.5 and not 6.6 that I worked the bet out on).

If Real Madrid lose (as they did) I would lose zero at Stan James (as I used my £25 freebet) but won £20.48 (£20.90 - 2%) at Betdaq = £20.48 profit.

Seems Complicated, then let me make it very simple for you

At first it may seem complicated but fear not, use our risk free calculator to work out all the calculations and if that still seems complicated, jump on MSN or email us and we'll do the calculations for you and find the bets! I will help you all the way.

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No Zero Roulette – House Edge Gone With No Zero Wheel

No Zero Roulette - Online Version Eliminates House Edge

No zero roulette is a dream come-true for players due to the fact that the house edge has been completely removed. The reason why the edge that favours the house is gone is because all zeros have been eliminated from the wheel.

When you play American roulette, which has the highest house edge, there’s a zero and a double zero on which to bet, while the European wheel, which has a lower edge, includes a single zero. Those zeros make it much more difficult for players to win, and they are responsible for gamblers receiving diminished returns on their wagers.

The chances of a player winning are increased when there are no zeros on which to bet. How can that be the case? Here’s a look at how and why no zero roulette is a much better bet than European or American. Once you understand how this innovative version of this popular table game favours the player, you’ll want to make it your primary table game.

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The Workings of No Zero Roulette Online

Neither American nor European roulette offers players what is commonly referred to as true or straight odds. Roulette pays 35-1. If it did provide players with true odds, the American version would pay 38-1, based on 36 numbers plus the inclusion of a zero and a double zero. True odds for European roulette would be based on the 36 numbers and the single zero. If this type of roulette paid according to straight odds, it would return at the rate of 37-1.

The two additional numbers in American roulette create a house edge of 5.26%, while the single-zero game carries an edge of 2.63%. When you play no zero roulette the edge, like the zeros, is eradicated.

Mathematically that means if you were able to play indefinitely, you would eventually break even. Players that go on a winning streak when enjoying this version of the popular casino game can realise expanded winnings.

At the time of this writing, the number of online casinos with no zero roulette is small. If you play at land-based casinos, you will not be able to find this game.

Are You Able To Find No Zero Roulette?

If you have had a difficult time finding no zero roulette, you’re not alone. The reason it is hard to find is because this type of roulette is less profitable than European or American. The reason why this is the case can be easily explained by focusing on one of the game’s low-risk bets.

When a roulette wheel includes a zero and/or a double zero bet, the likelihood of a player cashing in on either a red or black wager is diminished. That’s because zeros are never black or red; they are green. There is no low-risk green bet at the roulette table.

However, when you play roulette without any zeros, you have a better chance of winning that red/black wager. Your odds are now 50-50, which is not the case when green zeros are included.

Most online casinos want to make as much money as possible and that’s why no zero roulette is hard to find. If it is available, then the casino will set a low maximum wager limit to protect its interest.

The Risk Of Ruin Favours Casinos

The concept known as the risk of ruin helps to assure casinos that they will make a profit and not lose money on games such as roulette. Consider a 50-50 bet such as black/red. If there are two players and one chooses red and the other black, then the casino is assured that it will break even.

Add to that example the idea that each player has a finite amount of cash, that some bankrolls are smaller than others, and that some players risk higher percentages of their bank on one bet than others do. When you consider these factors you begin to understand that each player’s risk of ruin is unique.

Thus, someone with a $100 bankroll making $20 bets is more likely to lose their cash more quickly than another person with $1,000 making $5 wagers. That first person’s risk of ruin is far greater than the second’s, and a casino can profit from that. Plus, there are all of those players making single number bets. With one spin of the wheel most, if not all, will lose those wagers.

An online casino that offers no zero roulette protects itself by setting maximum bet limits low, offering a game with high-risk, individual number waging that usually doesn’t pay off, and counting on the risk of ruin. Playing no zero roulette does offer players the best chance of winning by betting on the 36-number wheel.

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  • Popular Aussie payment options
  • Fast Mobile App available

Here are quick, clear, and concise answers to many of the questions that you have about no zero roulette. After reading through this page, please be sure to use our no zero roulette casino pages to find the quality Internet gaming rooms that offer this very exciting version of one of the world’s most popular casino games.

Where can I play No Zero Roulette?

You won’t be able to locate no zero roulette at an Australian land-based casino. That is because this version of the popular casino game eliminates the house edge, and there’s little reason for brick and mortar establishments to give up that edge. However, you will discover no zero roulette at various online casinos. Please use our no zero roulette pages to locate the online casinos that are presently offering this version of what is a classic casino table game. You also have the choice of playing the game completely free, before you try your luck at real money gaming.

Is it popular in Australia?

Yes, due to the fact that the elimination of all zeros results in a type of roulette where there is no house edge, this is a popular game amongst online gamblers. High rollers are not as interested in no zero roulette due to the establishment of low maximum bets by online casinos; however, a majority of roulette players find the game to be exciting, as it offers true odds and a much better chance of paying out than European or American roulette.

How does the betting work?

The betting is the same as other forms of roulette except for the lack of a zero and/or a double zero wager. Players can make straight, column, row, split, corner, even/odd, and all other traditional roulette wagers with the same payouts.

How much should I bet each spin?

The simple answer is to first bet what you can afford and to try to stretch your bankroll out, giving you a large number of spins to play. As an example, if you have $100 for one session of no zero roulette and the minimum bet is $1.00 and maximum is $20, you’re much better off wagering $4.00 at a time rather than $20.00. It’s true that if you win the $20 wager, you’ll get five times more than you would on your $4.00 bet, but it’s also true that at $20.00 per bet, you’ll get a maximum of five spins before you must win or bust, while at $4.00, you’ll have 25 spins to do the same thing.

Are the winning opportunities good?

With no zero roulette, the chances of winning are much better than with European or American. That’s because the addition of one zero, which is found in the European version, results in a house edge of 2.68%, and the use of zero and double zero in American roulette offers a house edge of 5.26%. When you take away the zeros, the house edge is gone and it becomes much easier to win, especially those wagers that pay 1-1 odds.

Can I play No Zero Roulette on a mobile device?

Some online casinos do offer no zero roulette for your mobile device, such as your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. However, no zero is not available at every online casino via your computer, and it’s accessible through a mobile app at even fewer sites. Please check the no zero roulette casinos on our pages to find those that also provide a mobile version.

Is there a live dealer option for No Zero Roulette?

No zero roulette is an online, computer generated table game, and, at this time, does not include a live dealer option. There are various reasons for this, including the fact that casinos take on much more risk with no zero, and this cuts into their profits. That makes it less viable as a live dealer game, as table games played in live mode result in few spins per minute than the virtual version and automatically yield less profit. However, in the future there may be online casinos willing to offer no zero roulette in live dealer mode.

Can I try the game for free?

Yes, you will find online casinos that will allow you to play no zero roulette for free. In playing just for fun, you’ll be able to ascertain the differences between betting on no zero and the other forms of roulette, develop sound playing methods, and determine if the game is right for you. If you do like no zero and find a comfort level where you’re willing to risk real money, then you can switch to betting actual cash on this type of roulette.

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