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5 Dimes Betting Review

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5Dimes Cricket Betting Review

5 dimes betting review

Best Cricket Betting .com - The best cricket betting sites for fans around the World

Location: Costa Rica

Bet Live in Play: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

Currency: USD only

Payout Info: you may withdraw your funds via money order ($80 fee), certified check ($40- $80 fee). There is a free withdrawal period available on Mondays. Money orders are delivered by Fed Ex and generally arrive within 7 days of the initial request. Money orders are best for larger withdrawals, $1,000 to $9,500.

Deposit immediately with Visa up to $500 per transaction. Much larger amounts with money orders.

Excluded player countries: France

5Dimes is one of the longest serving, most established sportsbooks serving the US market. They use a very clean, easy- to- read, no frills interface that you see at right. The bonuses offered to new players total up to $520. New player deposits from $100 to $400 will receive a 50% Free- Play Reward, up to a total of $200 in Free- Play. Here's the Plus… if the deposit amount exceeds $400, and is up to $2000, it will also qualify for an EXTRA 20% Free- Play Reward. 5Dimes also offer reduced juice odds and loyalty bonuses for players that continue to play. Play casino games and poker also. You have the option to place bets with live operators over the phone. 24/7/365 chat, email and toll- free phone support. In terms of 5Dimes and cricket, they tend to stick to offering odds on the big match results only. They tend to avoid the less popular competitions and prop bets.

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5Dimes Live Betting - A Review of Legendary

5Dimes Review

5Dimes is a popular online sportsbook that services players from around the world including the United States, France, Turkey and other areas many of its competitors shy away from.

The home page at www.5dimes.eu.

Perhaps best known for their industry leading odds (American -105 / European 1.95) and vast number of markets (300+ props per NFL game), this is also a site educated bettors trust. In business since 1998, this is the only betting site I know of that has never had a single slow pay complaint. If you live in an area where sport betting is restricted and need a site you can count on, this is near certainly your top choice.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

5Dimes, much like other US betting sites, currently pushes Bitcoin as their top deposit and withdrawal option. It certainly offers many advantages over the other options – mainly speed and fees, since Bitcoin payments are instant and free.

A list of currently available payment methods.

The other popular deposit option has always been card deposits (credit, debit and gift cards). They’re also free and instant. The downside is that you can rarely withdraw back to your card which means you have to do a check withdrawal. Checks can take anywhere from a week to several weeks to process and arrive.

The third option is to use a money transfer service like Western Union or Moneygram. This involves obtaining details via live website chat, or phone, and then heading to your local supermarket to make a cash deposit.

For deposits over $300.00, they will pick up the fees adding them to your account balance. As you build up a history with them, other banking methods reserved for VIPs are made available – including a cash out option that allows you to have the funds in your hand in a matter of hours.

As you’ll learn from reading the rest of this review, having an account here is a privilege that will save you a lot of money, and therefore those first few W. Union deposits are well worth making.

Understanding Bonus

When you open a sportsbook account, you’re given a choice of a bonus package or reduced juice pricing. The money reduced juice option saves even a winning handicapper far more than the bonuses offered by any competitor. To put this into perspective some, of the best deals you’ll find elsewhere on the net are 25% bonuses with a $250 maximum and 5 time rollover. If you deposit $1,000 to get the full bonus you’re left needing to make $6250 in wagers.

If you were to meet your $6250 rollover requirement at $250 wagers per game that’s 25 bets. If you’re a talented handicapper who picks 57% against the spread (a win rate very few achieve long term) you’re going to lose and average of 10.75 of those bets. When you wager $250 at -110 each loss costs you $275.00 instead of the $262.50 it would have cost wagering at -105. The difference of $12.50 per loss times 10.75 losses per 25 bets equals $134.38

Going back the bonus of 25% up to $250 offered by a competitor, these are free play credits not cash. There is a huge difference between the two that you may not be familiar with.

To explain: when you wager $250 cash on a -110 point spread, this is $250 to win $227.27. Wagering with cash, a successful bet of $250 staked at -110 returns $472.27 because you’re getting back your stake plus win.

When you wager using free play credits 250FP risked at -110 returns just $227.27; you don’t get back your stake because it was a free play, and that free play is now used up (no further bonus available). Therefore if you’re picking 57% winners – on average you’re making $227.27 x 0.57 = $129.54 per $250 in free play credits.

If you paid attention to what I just showed you, then you now realize placing bets at -105 instead of -110 saves the best handicappers picking 57% winners $134.38 during the time it would take to clear a 25% free play bonus of $250 with a 5-time rollover. $250 FP is only worth $129.54 to a 57% winner, I’ve proved my point that -105 is far better than a bonus offer.

So no matter how you slice it ($25 bets, $250 bets, $500 bets) just in the time you’re clearing you bonus -105 is better choice than taking a bonus. Also with this option your bonus is everlasting; you don’t need to reload, or meet rollover requirements or anything else. Serious sports bettors understand that bonus offers are for newbies that don’t know any better, while reduced juice (-105) is where the real value can be found.

In summary: when you join this site, you’re well advised to avoid the six other bonus package options and opt for the default package which is “reduced juice”.

Live Betting at Reduced Juice Odds

As our domain name is “livebetting.net” many people end up on this page wanting to know what they offer for in-running wagering.

For the most part, what you’ll find here is wagering on the US nationally televised games for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and UFC. While there is no advanced in-play platform such as the one Bookmaker.eu offers, you have reduced juice odds for live betting.

If you’re looking for best in-play odds on who will win a game, fight or match, this is the place to go. For prematch odds, they offer even better value (I’ll cover that below).

Pre-Match Betting

This sportsbook is to sports bettors what Disney World in Orlando, Florida is to a small child. The offers here for each sport are absolutely amazing. Of course you can bet the total, point spread, or moneyline at industry leading odds due to reduced juice, but you’ll also find a plethora of prop wagers, as well as exotics such as teasers.

I’ll cover those briefly below:


Looking only at NFL football for the example, here you’ll find more than 300 unique wagering propositions for every single game of the season. Rather than a single variant of a prop many internet sportsbooks offer such as will there be a score in the first 7:30 seconds, they offer the same prop in all sorts of formats.

For example, you’ll find a yes and a no line for will there be a score in first 1:00, 3:30, 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30 of the game with each option having its own unique odds.

Some of the other propositions included in their list of 300 offers per match include: which team will score first, which team will score last, will the first score be a TD, will the last score be a TD, will each specific teams first score be a TD, will either team score 3-straight scores, will the team the scores first win the game, will the game go to overtime, will there be a safety, over/under wagers for longest and shortest field goal of the game, will there be a score in last 2 min of 1st half, will there be more point scored in the first half or second half, will the total points scored by a given team be an odd or even figure, which team makes the longest field goal… and I could go on and on here as there are over 300 props offered per match.

For tips on beating these props refer to my article on props. If you’re serious about that type of wagering, you’ll be here often as they offer these with a lower bookmaker margin than any other sportsbook in the industry including Betfair and Pinnacle Sports.

5Dimes offers extensive teaser bets. The first thing worth noting is they have by far the best football teaser odds in the industry. For example: 2-team 6-point teasers are offered at +100, and 2-team 6-point “ties win” teasers are offered at -105 (when using these only on spreads that can push, you’re getting a 2-team 6-point teaser at -105 which is unheard of, because no one charges less than -120 for these.

Even more impressively, teasers can be used on any combination of high school football, college football, CFL and of course NFL. In total there are 728 different options for teasers.

This breaks down as 2-15 team teasers, and teasers that use point spreads for every half point between 5 and 9.5 points with a “ties win” and “ties reduce” option for each –and- 2-15 team sweetheart teasers in every half-point increment between 10 and 17 points, and a 20 point option, with odds for “ties lose” and “ties reduce” for each.

Also sports can be mixed, and each sport has its own set of points offered for the football teaser equivalent. No other site comes close to matching what 5Dimes offers for teasers.

5Dimes offers future bets for major events such as who will with the Super Bowl, NBA Championship, National Championship, World Series, and Stanley Cup. They also offer conference championships and divisional odds as well.

These are sucker bets (due to the high bookmaker advantage) at most online bookmakers but this isn’t the case here. Quite often you’ll find a huge 32-option future with a percent market around 108.5%. At most sportsbook, the percent market is massive; some US sportsbooks would have this as a 139% market.

Reduced Juice

On game day (not earlier) under the wagering menu for each sport there is a link called “reduced juice” available for NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events.

As I explained earlier in this article you’ll be wagering at -105 pricing, which far better than any bonus you’ll ever find. Also where it gets even better is hockey and MLB baseball. Here you’ll find an AMAZING true 5-cent line of -103/-102 base for overnights until 8:00AM.

The bottom line, this is the website you can count on for the absolute best odds and lowest margins in the industry.

5Dimes Review - Mobile Betting at 5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes Review

5Dimes Sportsbook has long been a mainstay in the offshore industry – not just for US bettors but those located internationally as well. A member of the 5Dimes Group of gambling sites, the company runs a large office in Costa Rica and has established itself as one of the world’s top sportsbooks.

5Dimes has been online since 1999 and has become one of the most trusted names in the business, offering players an online casino, racebook and poker room (in addition to its sportsbook). It is famous for its Reduced Juice Bonus and nearly unlimited number of markets.

Now, 5Dimes has a no-download mobile version of its sportsbook at 5Dimes.mobi. This works on any mobile device with a web browser, including all Android smartphones, Apple Products such as the iPad and iPhone, and other devices. As long as the device has an internet connection, it can access 5Dimes mobile.

Top Features

Despite its substantial number of markets, 5Dimes managed to fit all of its betting options into one mobile application. Unfortunately, this comes without any of the flash or convenience that many other sites offer in their mobile products.

5Dimes’ interface is strong and bug free (as far as I can tell), but looks like something that was developed ten years ago. It has a plain-looking betting menu that simply is not as advanced as other mobile sites.

It is not clunky or hard to use, but moving through pages of markets is not as quick as I expected. Again, there are a lot of markets, and that is a marvelous thing for sports bettors, but I was hoping for far more from 5Dimes.

The positives are that bettors can do virtually everything from the mobile site. This includes depositing, withdrawing, live betting markets and every other feature offered at 5Dimes.eu. Players can view their current and pending bets, bet history, account transactions and even change their password.


5Dimes mobile is essentially identical in design when compared to the .eu desktop page. While it scores plenty of points for familiarity within its client base, the mobile site is virtually unchanged from the desktop version. It is optimized to fit onto a mobile screen, but other than that there is no discernible difference.

The betting menu is laid out exactly the same. The betting markets are listed on the center of the main page with betting types listed on the left. The app works, but it is not what you would expect from a sportsbook of 5Dimes’ caliber.

Since the desktop betting menu is laid out the same way, perhaps the people at 5Dimes are not interested in updating it. With the company’s longevity and strong track record, who could blame them?

Betting Markets

Like most US-facing sportsbooks, the focus is generally on US based sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. MMA markets have increased in popularity in recent times as well. 5Dimes famously has odds on Division II NCAA Football, and at one time offered high school football lines. Every domestic soccer league in the world is covered, along with international contests.

Parlays, teasers, if bets, reverse, alternate lines and everything else under the sun are available to bettors at 5Dimes. This is easily the best US sportsbook for someone who loves to bet on every aspect of an event.

Bonuses and Promotions

5Dimes offers seven different bonus options to players, but by far the best option is the Reduced Juice Bonus. This is the default bonus that players will be assigned when they make an account at 5Dimes. While bettors receive no deposit or free-play bonus, they will be able to use 5Dimes’ reduced juice markets for the lifetime of their account. This bonus is easily worth thousands of dollars in vig.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt of 5Dimes’ place in the offshore hierarchy – it is one of the best in world, US-facing or not. They have never been late on payouts in over 15 years and offer perhaps the most competitive odds for US bettors. However, those who want a fast-paced mobile app of the future will almost surely be dissatisfied with 5Dimes’ product. It still offers bettors adequate options and their full list of markets, but it is disappointing compared to other mobile applications in the US market.

5Dimes Review

Sports Betting For Canadians

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About 5Dimes 5Dimes Review

5Dimes offers something for everybody. It has generous bonuses, great odds and a wide variety of betting options and props. And this is all offered on a website that might not dazzle you but is very efficient and easy to use.

5Dimes Sign Up Bonus

The 5Dimes sign up bonus is quite generous. You can get a 50% free play bonus up to $200 on your first deposit, and a 20% free play bonus after that of up to another $320. To maximize your 5Dimes sign up bonus, deposit $2,000 and get $520 of free plays.

A nice bonus, for sure. But what really sets 5Dimes apart is that they offer you alternatives as a new player.

You can choose instead to get reduced juice odds (-105 instead of -110) on all major sports and events, cashback on losses, reduced juice on parlays, subsidized point buying, rebates on casino losses or free payouts for life.

Before you choose, make sure to determine what your goals are at 5Dimes. If you just play recreationally and want your money to last longer, the free play bonus might be the way to go. If you’re playing to make money and want better odds, we recommend the reduced juice option. If you see yourself withdrawing money a lot from your 5Dimes account, the free payouts might make more sense than the free plays or reduced juice.

5Dimes Website

You know the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’? Well, don’t judge this sportsbook by its cover, either.

The 5Dimes website is, shall we say, less than inspiring. The graphics are bland, the colour scheme seems tired and outdated.

But once you get past the home page, you’ll actually find the 5Dimes website is remarkably efficient. Betting options in every sport are displayed on the main wagering page. Just click the sport you want to bet on, find your game and input the size of your wager, and input your password.

5Dimes Mobile Site

The 5Dimes mobile site is basically the same as the 5Dimes website, but optimized for better viewing on your mobile device.

There’s also a dropdown menu on the left-hand side that allows quick access to dynamic lines, live betting, the casino, the racebook, the cashier, your account information and the help centre.

5Dimes Live Betting

5Dimes live betting has come a long way recently.

They now offer live betting on many games in a variety of sports. And, rather than just having 5Dimes live betting odds on the point spread, moneyline and total, they now post odds on a wide range of in-game player and team props.

5Dimes Betting Odds

Depending on what you chose for your sign up bonus, 5Dimes betting odds are either great or really great.

5Dimes’ regular betting odds are 20-cent pricing on spreads and totals (-110/-110), and their moneylines are 20-cent pricing up until -175 — which is rare.

If you chose the reduced juice option as your 5Dimes sign up bonus, those odds drop down to 10-cent pricing on spreads and totals. Paying -105 instead of -110 essentially means getting a free bet every 20 wagers.

5Dimes is also known for its good odds on teasers and its wide range of prop betting offers.

5Dimes Deposit Methods

Until recently, 5Dimes deposit methods were quite limited.

However, they’ve become one of the sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. Bitcoin, in case you aren’t aware, is a digital currency that you can send and receive anonymously.

Other than bitcoin, the only deposit options for Canadians are Visa or MasterCard, Western Union and Moneygram.

Though some banks won’t allow you to use their credit cards to fund online gambling accounts, some sportsbooks are better than others when it comes to getting around this issue.

If you have a Visa, you can take advantage of 5Dimes Visa processor. This way, your Visa provider won’t know you are using the card to fund an online gambling account. You’ll be limited to a maximum deposit of $250 on your first deposit, but the limit will be raised to $500 after three successful deposits.

5Dimes Customer Service

5Dimes customer service is provided by telephone, email and live chat.

They also have a page of FAQs that might answer your question before you have to resort to contacting them.

5dimes UFC

5dimes Review

5Dimes is a sportsbook that every person with love towards sports betting should sign up at. Here you won’t see a flashy website, but a decent sports betting platform that is straightforward and gets down to business immediately.

With time 5Dimes has gotten better in covering UFC and MMA fights and has become one of the best destinations for betting on these two popular sports. This sportsbook is very suitable for US bettors. It operates from Costa Rica and is led by a sharp management that knows the industry.

5Dimes has an interesting bonus scheme for new players regarding their first deposits. The maximum amount that you can earn at 5Dimes by making deposits is $520. If your first deposit is somewhere between $100 and $400 you will receive 50% reward, but if the deposit amount is $500 or more, you get an extra 20% reward. As said, the maximum that you can get is $520, and that is if your deposit is $2,000.

Furthermore, 5Dimes offers reduced juice on lots of different sports, such as NCAA football, NFL, NCAA basketball, NBA, Canadian Football, NHL, MLB, WNBA, boxing, PGA golf, grand slam tennis, including MMA. The Reduced Juice offers are usually available on the same day as the event, and are available in straight wager form. Bets that cannot be used with Reduced Juice lines are rolling if bets, if bets and parlays.

Betting on MMA/UFC at 5Dimes

The selection of MMA and UFC bets is huge. You can bet on many organizations such as Elite XC, Bellator, WEC, StrikeForce, Invicta and Affliction, and even Japanese promotions such as K-1 and Dream. Not all fights may be available, but you will find odds for the majority of them. You can also bet on live UFC and MMA fights, and bet as the fights unfold. The odds will adjust automatically after each round ends and you can make bets at the end of each of the rounds.

You can bet up to a maximum of $500, while the lowest bet that you can make is set at $1. Higher wagering amounts are possible for parlays, up to $1,000, which is excellent when you want to bet on the favorites against underdogs.

5Dimes has a great selection of props for MMA betting, you can choose which round the fight will end, which will be the method to end the fight or if the fight will go to the distance. There are even Fight of the Night props and many other. In the past there were more props, but lately 5Dimes has reduced the selection. Anyway, this sportsbook is excellent for bettors, because it accepts large wagers and successful bettors are more than welcomed.

Funding Methods and Support at 5Dimes

The funding options at 5Dimes are plentiful and are based on where you deposit from. You can find a complete list of all the funding methods at the 5Dimes website, and they include options such as credit cards, person to person, account to account, prepaid card, Bitcoin, Vanilla Reload, MoneyPak, debit cards, Money Order, certified check, Neteller, Skrill and sportsbook transfer. The minimum deposit allowed is $50. Some of these methods have fees, so make sure to check out the funding methods section of the website.

5Dimes offers several toll free customer support numbers that you can dial to receive any kind of help you might need, but you can also reach customer support via email (info@5Dimes.eu), or you can use the live chat option. Any method you choose, the representatives are available 24/7.

The casino section of 5dimes is solid on par with other top online casinos. If you’re interested in playing online casinons you will surely find something you enjoy on 5dimes.

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