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doher sportsbook

1. Two sub machine guns on the Doher's turret, only one in the Rochev. The additional SMG is

positioned near the sight ballistic shield.

2. Electrical travel lock (known in Hebrew as "BiFoot") – in the Rochev one of the crewmen has to lock

manually the barrel, most of the time the driver, with the assistance of the sight operator. In the

Doher the crewmen can do it automatically, by electrical operation. The Doher's travel lock is

thicker than the Rochev's, and has a rectangle box in its front side.

3. External Generator – the Doher is equipped with external Generator, positioned instead the right-back

basket and its two external cells. Due to the lack of one basket, the left basket is a bit bigger (to

contain the camouflage cover).

4. Different shape of the commander's turret – the Doher's NCO turret can be locked in slit position, a

position that does not exist in the Rochev.

5. Different Tactical markings – the upgraded capabilities of the Doher changed in some manners the

way the artillery battery is operated. Due to this fact, beside the different kind of V's and numbers,

one can find also a Hebrew letter (Aleph, Beit, Gimel) markings.

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