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Asian Handicap Betting - Your Detailed Guide

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For those of you unfamiliar with Asian handicap betting, seeing those plus and minus numbers next to the odds could be confusing. That’s why, here at the Football Betting Guide, we’ve provided you with this handy guide to Asian handicap betting, as well as tips to go with it. So whether you fancy United to beat Swansea with a 2 goal head start or Reading to still lose to Chelsea despite a 1 goal head start, we’ve got everything for you here under one roof.

Asian Handicap Bet Coupon

The premise of the handicap bet is simple: the bookmakers consider one team to be so likely to win the match that they give them a handicap. By giving the expected winner a -1, it means that if they win 1-0, their goal is subtracted, leaving them with a draw. So an odds on favourite can be at evens with a handicap, for example. The other way of doing things is to add or subtract half points from scores. This means that there can be no draw in the results of the betting: it’s not really possible to score half a goal, after all.

What Asian handicap betting gives you is better odds if you’re certain your pick is going to completely thrash the opposition. While, in some cases, the odds are going to be crazy (any game involving San Marino, for instance), most of the time you can find a favourable change in the odds. How it differs from predicting the score, however, is that it can be any combination after the handicap has been removed.

Asian Handicap Example – +/- 0.5

Bookmakers are increasingly using Asian handicap betting to lure punters into their games, so it’s important that you find out what chances each team has. So while you’re here checking out the Asian handicap bets available, why not have a look at the form guides for the teams involved: here at the Football Betting Guide we provide you with a whole host of stats so you can shape your bets exactly as you’d want.

We will send you a free training series on Asian Handicap betting which will include:

  • A guide to Asian Handicap Betting
  • Why it is the best form of Football Betting
  • Insights, Analysis and Trends
  • How you can use Asian Handicap Betting to improve your profits on Football Betting
  • The Best Bookmakers to use for Asian Handicap Football Betting

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Handicap Betting In Football - Football Handicap - Asian Handicap Betting Explained, Football Betting Sites

Handicap Betting in Football

Football handicap betting allows punters to even the market on specific games to allow for a fairer price. By handicapping one team, it essentially gives that team a hypothetical head start in the match. It’s more commonly found in matches where one team is a short priced favourite over their opponent. The handicap can range from 1 goal upwards and the odds on the outcome of the match will reflect the handicap awarded.

How Football Handicapping Works

At the start of each game a bookmaker will set a price for each team to win the match. This line will reflect how likely it is for that team to win. The more likely a team is to win the shorter the price, the less likely the longer the price.

Games with short priced favourites are less favourable to the majority of punters as they aren’t getting as much value from their bet. If a team was priced at just 1.50 to win a game then a £10 bet would only return profits of £5; not that appealing. By putting a handicap on that team the odds will lengthen significantly. When teams are at such a short price it’s often thought that they should win by a comfortable margin. The handicap reduces this margin somewhat and offers a fairer price for that team.

The handicapping will be of a certain number of goals and often look like +1.0 or -1.0 meaning they start with a 1 goal lead or trail by 1 goal before the game starts. At the end of the game you will need to add or subtract the handicap number to get the ‘true’ handicapped result.

Handicapped bets may look something like this:

The above example shows that Arsenal have been given a -1.0 handicap, meaning they basically start the game 1 goal down. Norwich has been given a +1.0 handicap meaning they start the game 1 goal up.

If you backed Arsenal on this handicap then to win the bet you would need them to win by 2 clear goals or more. If you backed Norwich to win then you would only need to game to either end in a draw or any Norwich victory. So let’s say the game finished 2-2 and you had backed Arsenal at -1.0 at odds of 1.60. Your bet would then subtract 1 goal from the Arsenal tally meaning the handicapped score would equal 2-1 to Norwich and you would lose. If you backed Arsenal again and the game finished 3-1 then after handicap the result would be 2-1 to Arsenal and you would still win. If the game finished 3-2 to Arsenal then the handicapped result would be 2-2 meaning you would lose as you backed an Arsenal victory.

It’s worth noting at this point that if the game finishes a draw after the handicap some bookmakers do refund bets. You will need to check the terms and conditions prior to betting for each bookmaker as they will vary.

Asian Handicap Betting

Another way of handling the possibility of a draw is to eliminate it all together. When an Asian Handicap is applied to football betting, the handicap that is used contains a fraction of a goal - such as +1.5 or -1.5. In this scenario a draw is impossible, as a player cannot score half a goal.

Manchester United (-1.5) 1.8 v Southampton (+1.5) 1.8

In this example, Man Utd have been given a 1.5 goal handicap - so if you had bet on them to win, they would need to score 2 goals more than Southampton in order for you to be paid out (eg: 4-2). If the match ended 3-2, then your Man Utd bet would lose. But a bet on Southampton would be a winner.

For obvious reasons, Asian Handicap betting is favoured by many punters over traditional handicap betting, although not all bookies offer it.

Asianhandicap Betting Guide

Asianhandicap Explained

Asian Handicap betting, as the name implies originates from Asia by bookies who offer a better chance of winning than conventional fixed odd betting. The popularity of this form of betting which has started in Asia has spread to the West, especially in the UK, with many online bookmakers catering for this type of betting.

Asian Handicaps vs Fixed Odds Betting

With Asian Handicap Betting (also called Hang Cheng), it eliminates the possibility of a draw result. The perceived weaker team will get a handicap from the bookies to balance the odds so that is an equal probability for each team to win the football tips. There will be only two outcomes for the bet, "home win" or "away win". "Handicap" means that a perceived weaker team has received a virtual head start, effectively leading the game with ¼ goal, ½ goal, ¾ goal, 1 goal, 1 ¼ goal, etc. There are perhaps some confusing terminology, for instance half-handicap (1/2 goal), and quarter handicap (1/4 goal). It will be explained thoroughly in this article.

Advantages of Asian Handicap

- Depending on the handicap you can win your bet even if the team you bet on don't win the game.

- You can bet on a team you believe will lose the game, but because of a big handicap you can still win the bet. Typical here is when the favourite team wins the game with only one goal.

- When following the match 'live', tension is high since a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around).

- If you place multiple bets (accumulator), the number of possible outcomes is much less than in fixed odds (home/draw/away bets. E.g a treble bet, where all 3 selections must be correct). The number of outcomes is 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. With fixed odds betting the number of outcomes is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.

- A very high number of bookmakers to choose from.

- Bankers. It is possible to bet on "sure" games, which might be suitable for an accumulator.

- Bigger odds on outsiders (underdogs).

- Much easier to find value bets. You only need home-draw-away estimations, in Asian Handicap it is required that you are able to predict exact results.

The following table shows how Asian Handicaps works. It may seem complicated at first look, but it is actually very simple to understand.

The table shows your winnings for given results at a given handicap. There are basically 4 scenarios. No handicap given, a quarter-handicap (¼,¾,1¼, etc) given, half-handicaps( ½ ,1½,etc) given or full-handicap (1, 2,etc) given. Examples are given below.

1) Example 1. No Handicap given => 0:0 Handicap.

In a 0:0 handicap you will get you money back if the game ends in a draw (0-0, 1-1,2-2, etc. ).

Let’s say you bet $100 on Arsenal to win. If Arsenal wins the game, whatever the score is, you win $190. If Arsenal and Man. United draw, ‘push’ situation occurs and u get back your $100. If Man. United wins the game, you will lost your bet of $100.

2) Example 2. A Quarter Handicap given

Case (i) 0:1/4 handicap

When a perceived weaker team got a 1/4 goal start, you will either lose 50 % or win 50% if the game ends in a draw. A 1/4 handicap is actually 2 handicaps, one of 0:0, and one of 0:1/2.

Let’s say you bet $100 on Arsenal to win. If Arsenal wins the game, whatever the score is, you win $205. If the game ended in a draw, you lost half of your bet and get back only $50. If Man. United wins the game, you will lost your bet of $100.

If you have bet on a team with a ¾ goal start, you will lose 50 % if your team loses by 1 goal. For all other results you will either win 100% or lose 100% depending on which team you backed with your bet. A draw (and thereby a "push" situation) is impossible.

Let’s say you bet $100 on Arsenal to win. If Arsenal wins the game by a goal, you win half of your bet at $180. If Arsenal wins by more than a goal, you win $260. If the game ended in a draw or Man. United wins, you will lose your bet of $100.

3) Example 3. Half Handicap given => 0:1/2 Handicap.

When a perceived weaker team got a 1/2 goal start, you will either lose 100% or win 100%. A draw (and thereby a "push" situation) is impossible.

Let’s say you bet $100 on Arsenal to win. If Arsenal wins the game, whatever the score is, you win $235. If the game ended in a draw or Man United wins, you will lose your bet of $100.

Example 4. Full handicap given => 0:1 handicap

When a perceived weaker team got a 1 goal start, you can either lose 100%, win 100% or draw (and thereby a "push" situation).

Let’s say you bet $100 on Arsenal to win. If Arsenal wins the game by a goal, ‘push’ situation occurs. There will be no winners. If Arsenal wins by 2 goals or more, you win $275. If the game ended in a draw or Man. United wins, you will lose your bet of $100.

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Asian Handicap Lines Help for more secure in your bets

Asian Handicap Lines Asian Handicap 0.25

This game starts with a score of 0-1 / Unfavourite begins with the lead a quarter goal before the match. The possibility of a draw is eliminated. 0.25 is a bit more complex than the 0.5 handicap. You can win, win half, lose or lose half of the bet. Let me explain by example below.

Barcelona – Ataletico Madrid AH – 0-0.25

Host factor – 2.00 coefficient of guests – 1.90

Option 1: You bet 100 euro for Barcelona with AH -0.25. To win, you have to beat Barcelona, as in this case, earning the top 100 or 200 euro. If the game ends in a draw, you lose half of the bet (50 euro) and the remaining half will be returned to the account. If Ataletico Madrid win, you lose your whole bet.

Option 2: You bet 100 euro for Ataletico Madrid with AH 0.25. To win, Ataletico Madrid should win. In such a case will be returned to the account of 190 euro. If the game ends in a draw,you will return half of the bet and the other half is kept winning and multiplied by the coefficient of winning team, In this case, with 100 euro you will make a total of 145.

Asian Handicap 0.5

Here the game starts with a score of 0-1 / Outsider’s first half goal before the match and there is no equal. Also, there is no way to get some of their money back. Either you win or you lose.

Bayern – Hamburger AH – 0-0.5

Host factor – 1.85 coefficient of guests – 2.00

Option 1: You bet 100 euro to win at Bayern AH -0.5. To win, you must beat Bayern to (100 x 1.85 = 185 euro). In all other cases, you lose your money.

Option 2: You bet 100 euro for victory at Hamburger AX 0.5. In a win for Hamburg or a draw, you win your bet. At odds of 2.00 that makes 100 x 2.00 = 200 euro. If Bayern wins, the bet loses.

Asian Handicap 0.75

This game starts with a score of 0-3 / 4. Outsider is lead by the fourth goal. There is no option for the draw. 0.75 is similar to 0.25, but there is little difference.

Host factor – 1.90 coefficient of guests – 1.90

Option 1: You bet 100 euro to win Lazio with AH 0.75 (Here the host is not the favorite and as a result, the added advantage is on the side of it). To win this bet, he or the meeting ended without a winner or Lazio win. If this happens, you win 100 X 1.9 = 190 euro. If Roma win by one goal, half of the stake (50 euro) will come back to you and the other half lost it. If Roma win by two or more goals, you lose the entire bet.

Option 2: You bet 100 euro to win Roma with AH -0.75. To win the whole bet, Roma need to win by at least two goals difference. Your overall profit in this case would be 190 euro If Roma win by one goal, half your stake is returned and half wins. In this case, your account will be returned to 145 euro And if the game ends in a draw or Lazio win, you lose the entire bet.

Asian Handicap -1

This game starts with a score of 0-1. Give one goal advantage of the weaker team, but, as in all other cases, the probability of a draw is eliminated.

Real Madrid – Espanyol Asian Handicap – 0-1

Host factor – 1.80 coefficient of guests – 2:05

Option 1: You bet for Real Madrid in AH -1. To win the bet Barcelona must win by two or more goals difference. If that happens, earning 180 euro If the ” Real Madrid” won by one goal, the bet will be returned. In equality and a victory for Espanyol lose the bet.

Option 2: You bet 100 euro for Espanyol in AH + 1. To win this bet Espanyol must win or the match to end in a draw. If Espanyol lost by one goal difference, your bet is returned. If Real Madrid win by at least two goals ahead, you lose your whole bet.

We, from AsianFootballBetting team recommend playing more often with Asian handicap because we believe there are greater opportunities for profit, compared to standard betting.

Follow the table for Asian Handicap Lines

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An Asian Handicap Football Betting Guide

The Geek’s Asian Handicap ‘How To’ Guide

If you’ve ever joined a sport based online betting bookie or perhaps even some of the Betting Gods football tipsters, then you’ve most probably discovered the term ‘Asian handicap’. Whilst this may confuse you, we are here to change that! This guide will explain what an Asian Handicap is, and how it’s different from standard betting. We will also suggest a few things before you place your stake on the Asian Handicap.

The Asian Handicap is basically spread betting, with the teams having a handicap, typically reflecting how well they’ve been playing recently. These values can be either positive or negative, for example -2.0 or +2.0. These figures signify a head start that one team has over the other, in football it will be a goal deficit.

Exclusion Of Draws

When betting on an Asian Handicap, you can only bet on one team or the other, which eliminates the draw option. Asian handicap betting is mostly popular with football, as draws are very common in games.

An example of when an Asian handicap bet would prove a wise choice is if Chelsea play Swansea at home, with the blues being massive favourites to take the three points. The odds for Chelsea to grab the victory would be very low, and the odds for Swansea to win would be high. These games, that are predictable, are less popular due to the risk not being worth it on the side that may not stand a chance. It is wiser to bet on games that seem evenly matched.

However give Chelsea a -2.00 (goals) start and the odds will become a bit more lucrative, as essentially for our betting purposes this means than Swansea essentially start the game leading 2-0.

Handicap betting isn’t just match outcome bets, it also covers markets such as goals scored.

How It Works?

The team that is most likely to win will have the negative handicap, with the other team having a positive handicap.

In our example, Chelsea vs Swansea, if you bet on Chelsea at -1.5, then you need them to win the game by 2+ goals, otherwise you’ll lose. If you bet on Swansea at +2.5, then you will need them to not lose by 3 goals minimum. All you have to do is to add the handicap to the teams score line to find out if you’ve won or not. Your stake will be refunded if the handicap is a whole number and the full time result is a draw. So if Chelsea are -2 and they win 2-0, there is no victor, and you’ll get your refund.

What The Geek Recommends

The Geek recommends, before placing an Asian Handicap bet, to look at the regular odds first, so that you get a good idea of how large a team is favoured to win the game over the other team. Where Asian handicaps are most beneficial are fixtures where there is a larger gap between the 2 teams. You can then use your knowledge or best estimate to judge whether your favoured team is worth of taking a -1.00 start, or you want to back the outsider with an advantage.

Whilst betting on Asian handicaps can initially be difficult to understand, it can become very simple with practice. If you love gambling on long shots in an attempt to win big money, then it probably isn’t for you. However, if you prefer to make your bets more interesting and place your footy punts on a more level playing field then with Asian handicaps you just found your ideal bet.

That’s it from us today for our Geeky Tips! Join us tomorrow for some more awesome tips!

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