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Football Manager 2017 Real Name Fix - Clubs - Competitions - Passion4FM

Football Manager 2017 Real Name Fix – Clubs & Competitions

Written by Passion4FM on 24/11/2016 - Last Updated 19 January 2017

Download Football Manager 2017 Real Name Fix for Worldwide Clubs and Competitions

Atlético Pamplona, FLU or even SLB are some club names and abbreviations you may have noticed in Football Manager 2017. But which clubs hides behind these names, and what are their club name in the real footballing world? Due to licencing reasons, Football Manager 2017 comes with artificial names for some clubs, cups and competitions.

To enhance the Football Manager 2017 experience we have for the first time in our history compiled a Football Manager 2017 real name fix for clubs and competitions worldwide. Here you let you experience Football Manager 2017 with the real club names fixing for example all abbreviations used in the Brazilian football league system or changing competition names to what the league is most commonly known as in that specific country or the name used for sponsorship reasons. You will also experience cup names changes to their real name like their sponsorship name.

Download Football Manager 2017 real name fix for worldwide clubs and competitions today and let it sort issues like English Premier Division, which is in reality named English Premier League, or enjoy playing in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A with Sport Club Corinthians Paulista instead of COR.

How To Remove Brazilian Clubs’ Three Letter Abbreviation

In Football Manager 2017 Brazilian clubs comes with a three letter abbreviation. Here you will discover clubs called SAN, AMG or COR, instead of Santos, America MG or Corinthians. Due to licensing issues which makes Sports Interactive not allowed to use the actual name for Brazilian clubs. Luckily we have discovered a fix for getting the actual club names appear in Football Manager 2017 without the need to download a single file!

This simple step must be done, no matter if you download the real name fix database provided below, which I first thought would fix this minor issue. This fix will be a brilliant addition to the available editor data file which we have created and made public available below.

In order to receive the real names of Brazilian clubs proceed with the steps below:

  • Locate Programfiles > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Football Manager 2017 > data > db > 17.X (latest Database version is 17.1.2) > dbc > permanent
  • delete these specific files: brazil_kits.dbc , forbidden names.dbc and Licensing2.dbc

IMPORTANT! You need to remove these files for every new patch or database upgrade that’s released. We deleted the specific files in all the different folders from db version 17.0 to 17.1.2.

How To Make The German National Team & Dutch National Manager Appear in FM17

In order to make Football Manager 2017 as realistic as possible, there are a few steps you need to do to enjoy our Football Manager 2017 real name fix. For example the German national team is greyed out by default, while the Dutch National Manager Danny Blind is named Jan Jansen due to lack of licensing approval. Here are the instructions to enable the German national team(s) and get the real name for the Dutch national manager appear in the game.

A) Enable the German National Team:

  • Locate Programfiles > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Football Manager 2017 > data > db > 17.X (latest Database version is 17.1.2) > Inc > All
  • delete this specific file:

The advanced option is to edit the file via Notepad++ or another text editor. Open the file and change 1 to 0 in line 6 named FAKE_NATIONAL_TEAM . Save the file.

B) Dutch National Manager Real Name Fix:

  • Locate Programfiles > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Football Manager 2017 > data > db > 17.X (latest Database version is 17.1.2) > Edt > Permanent
  • delete this specific file: fake.edt

This will rename Jan Jansen back to Danny Blind. This minor tweak will take effect once you start a new save and must be done for every new patch released.

About & Changes Made to Passion4FM Football Manager 2017 Real Name Fix

Our real name fix for Football Manager 2017 sorts all artificial clubs and competition names or removes any abbreviations used. While our Football Manager 2017 real name fix looks to expand to the entire world, making changes to worldwide clubs and competitions we have for the first release focused on the clubs and leagues in Europe and South America as the issues here are most annoying for the general gaming experience. Changes have also been made to other bigger nations throughout the world, such as Mexico, Morocco and India.

In order to make this database update as close to reality we have changed the competition names to the name they are most commonly referred to or their sponsorship name. You will see the real name for league cups and super cups, as well.

By downloading Passion4FM’s Football Manager 2017 real name fix you will see changes made to;

– the Brazilian League names down to level 3, cups and all clubs in the top three divisions

– the name of the top two Argentine divisions

– the competition names for the top two divisions in Colombia

– the competition names for the top three divisions in Chile

– Ecuadorian competition names

– Paraguayan competition names

– top divisions in Peru plus cups

– Uruguayan top division

– Venezuelan competition names

– English Premier League

– a few Spanish club names, the name of the top 3 divisions in Spain plus cups

– the Belgium competition names

– the German top leagues

– the Portuguese divisions down to level 2 plus cups

– the Austrian competition names plus cups

– the Swiss top division

– the Czech competition names

– the Serbian football leagues down to level 2 plus cups

– the Norwegian divisions down to level 4 plus cups

– the Swedish divisions down to level 4 plus cups

– the Danish divisions down to level 2 plus cup

– the Finnish divisions down to level 4 plus cups

– the top 4 leagues in Turkey plus cups

(Other nations include Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Albania, Gibraltar, Hungary, Ukraine, Israel, Romania, Russia and Poland, but expect updates for the minor nations coming soon.

– the top two divisions in Mexico including cups

– the top divisions in Costa Rica

– the top divisions in Cuba

– the top divisions in India

– the top divisions of Indonesia plus cups

– the top divisions of South Africa including cups

– the top divisions of Morocco including cups

– the competition names of Nigeria


File Size: 40.82Kb

How To Import Editor Data Files in Football Manager 2017

In order for this Football Manager 2017 database to work you have two options; either download [1] the file above or subscribe to the released Steam Workshop file [2].

1. How to import the downloaded file:

  • Click Download. The file will be placed in your computer’s Downloads folder.
  • Move the file into ‘Your Computer’ – ‘My Documents’ – ‘Sports Interactive’ – ‘Football Manager 2017’ – ‘Editor Data
  • Open Football Manager 2017 – Start a New Save
  • In Career Game Setup – Click Database Football Manager 2017 (as described in the screenshot below) which lets you see a drown down menu of editor data files available to select
  • Select the appropriate editor data file: Football Manager 2017 Real Name Fix
  • Proceed with the Advanced Setup

2. How to Subscribe on Steam Workshop:

  • From inside Football Manager 2017 locate Downloads in the main menu
  • Select the Steam Workshop tab
  • Select the left tab: Download Add-ons directly from Steam
  • Paste this link into the address bar
  • Click Subscribe
  • Start a new Save and follow the proceeding instructions from point 1.

IMPORTANT! You will need to start a new save in order to make these changes come to effect.

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