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The Meaning of Dreamcatcher Tattoos and Why You Should Get One

The Meaning of Dreamcatcher Tattoos and Why You Should Get One

Why don’t you get a beautiful dreamcatcher tattoo, so you can keep the nice dreams, and shoo away the bad ones? Discover the origin of the dreamcatcher tattoo and its true meaning.

They exist in a variety of different patterns and colors, and they may be decorated with images of birds, animals, beads, crystals, arrowheads and other symbols.

However, before deciding to take this long-term decision for your body, take a look at the origin of a dreamcatcher, and why it is one of the most meaningful tattoos.

The dreamcatcher has its origins in the Native American Culture. It is believed that the Anishinabe people were the first to create it.

The Anishinabe are Native American tribes who originally lived at the border of the North-Central United States and Southern Canada. Their name means original people, which is how they called themselves. They were also known as Chippewa people in America, and Ojibwa in Canada.

Spider Woman Legend

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According to the Anishinabe people, the Spider Woman used to travel around all the time, to visit cradles of the newborn babies. She had the power to weave magical webs above cradleboards, which supposed to protect the infants from bad dreams, and allow the nice ones to enter their sleep.

However, as the tribe expanded, and people migrated, she had difficulty to reach all the newborns in time. For this reason, women of the tribe took over, and started creating their own dreamcatchers to protect the babies.

These dreamcatchers were made of natural materials, and didn’t last long, and they were regularly replaced by the new ones, in order to accompany the baby through his or her next life cycle.

Basic Dreamcatcher Pattern

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A dreamcatcher is a round wooden hoop that contains a loose string web with a hole in the center, and feathers hanging from the webbing. Nice dreams travel through the hole into the sleeper’s mind, while the bad ones, as well as nightmares, are trapped inside the web permanently.

  • Feathers are usually attached to the dreamcatcher to entertain babies, but they have a deeper meaning. A feather stands for breath and air, which are essential for life. Hung up on the wooden hook of the dreamcatcher, a feather also helps the nice dreams to slip down into the baby’s dream world.
  • It is believed that each movement of the feathers announces the arrival, and the passage of a new beautiful, and peaceful dream.
  • Different feathers can be used to adorn the dreamcatcher. However, Owl is a woman’s feather and it is kept to achieve wisdom, while Eagle is a man’s feather that represents courage.
  • Some tribes make dreamcatchers that have eight points, which are associated with the eight legs of the Spider Woman.
  • Incorporating only one gemstone into the dreamcatcher is meant to show that there is only one, and true, creator in the web of life. Four gemstones, instead, represent the four ordinal directions.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meanings

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Dreamcatcher tattoos are very common among Native Americans, both men and women. They represent the symbol of their rich cultural heritage, and at the same time they keep negative and evil energies away. They protect the person who wears them against nightmares and bad dreams, while helping nice and joyful dreams to enter his or her mind.

Do you have a dreamcatcher tattoo, or are you perhaps planning to get one? Share your thoughts, and tattoos with us in the comment section below, and in the meantime… have sweet dreams!

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I have a dream catcher tattoo and never have dreams anymore… Was wondering if it’s from having this as a tattoo

Is it alright to get a dream catcher tattoo if you’re not of native background? I simply love them, always have and would like to get one..but I don’t want to disrespect anyone.

ive just had a dreamcatcher tattoo done it has a howling wolfs head in the middle of it and on then i have my 2 daughters name and my grandaughters name around the outside off the dreamcatcher x

I want to get a nice soft beautiful dream catcher for the back of my neck I lost a daughter 35 years ago and it still hurts today, she was born to early,so passed away I feel I want her close to me and to keep her in my heart and dreams , is this a good idea please comment ASAP thank you

im planning to have a tattoo on my back.The design that i planned was a dreamcatcher swirl by 2 snake on the wood circle and in the middle of it a name of a person that i love with some feathers at down as usual.Can you give me your advice on this as this going to be very special to me……

I have a dream catcher tattoo but I always have bad lucks. If there’s a little good luck came to me, it always followed with a massive badluck. Why is this? And I also have both good dreams and bad, even a nightmare. And also I’m not a native american. Is this the reason of all those bad lucks?

Great post! Have nice day ! :) bjphn

Hello I have been thinking of getting a dream catcher tattoo on my thigh for a while now, i absolutely love dream catchers and always have as a little girl. I haven’t decided on a design but would like something that represents me and my background. I’m part Fijian Indian, Nepalese which is my Mums back ground and Dad European from England, he passed away when I was 3yrs old. I also have 2 daughters and my star sign is Sagittarius. If you could give me some ideas that would be awesome, thankyou.

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Do You Know the Meaning of Dreamcatcher Tattoo, New Health Guide

New Health Guide

Any tattoo is personal to the person who chooses to get it, but the dreamcatcher tattoo is one of the most personal. This tattoo design is especially popular among women, and most of them have a deep personal reason for getting the ink. The mystical qualities of a dreamcatcher make them a very popular choice among women (and men) from all walks of life. What’s the meaning behind dreamcatcher tattoo? What do other popular tattoos mean?

What Does Dreamcatcher Tattoo Mean?

The dreamcatcher is a handmade item popular in Native American cultures. The dreamcatcher is a woven net or web that has certain adornments, such as beads, shells, gemstones, leather, feathers and the like. These items are usually things found in nature. It is typically hung in a bedroom, above a bed, or sometimes above a door. The idea is that happy, optimistic dreams will pass through the net, while the negative dreams or nightmares will become ensnared, so the dreamers has only good dreams. On the other hand, some believe that the negative dreams pass through the hole in the center of the dreamcatcher, while the good dreams are trapped, and thus become a part of that person’s destiny.

Whichever way it is, the tattoo signifies that harmful dreams are chased away and positive dreams will stay, bring protection to the one who wears the ink. In more realistic sense, the tattoo fights away bad things like scandals while letting the good, such as money, pass through.

What Are the Designs and Placement of Dreamcatcher Tattoo?

If you have known "what does dreamcatcher tattoo mean" and decided to get the tattoo, the big question becomes one of placement and design. For men, dreamcatcher tattoos are usually placed on the upper arm, but they might also be inked as a large tattoo on the upper back. Women often have dreamcatcher tattoos in a smaller form on their shoulder, creating an elegant look.

When it comes to design, the options are virtually endless. As this is such a personal tattoo, choosing the design that speaks to you matters most. Most dreamcatcher tattoos have some sort of “natural” design, such as vines or leaves, to surround the center or make up the net. You might also choose a more elaborate net, one that is made of something that truly matters to you, such as an eagle or a sunset. A talented tattoo artist will be able to help you choose the design that is right for you.

This video provides you with a few basic ideas on the patterns and placement of dreamcatcher tattoos:

Cultural Sensitivity Behind Dreamcatcher Tattoo

It is important to remember that though dreamcatchers might be popular, they are also a sacred symbol in Native American culture. Native Americans are protective of their culture, and rightfully so; therefore, the use of these tattoos is cause for controversy, especially when those who do not have a Native American heritage choose to display them on their bodies. Some people might see your tattoo as being inappropriate, insensitive or even offensive. Before you take the plunge and get a dreamcatcher tattoo, make sure you understand what it means and can articulate your personal reasons for getting this particular type of tattoo.

Meanings of Other Common Tattoos

If you are uncertain about getting this tattoo after knowing "what does dreamcatcher tattoo mean", keep in mind that there are many alternatives that might suit you. Each of the following tattoos has some sort of “hidden meaning” that can give you a lovely tattoo that has a purpose behind it.

These tattoos can signify the death of someone close to you, or they might be more sinister, signifying that the tattoo wearer actually killed someone. This is a common tattoo found among gang members in some areas. However, among those who are not in gangs, this is a tattoo that signifying mourning.

These lovely birds were often the first sign for sailors that the end of a long journey was near, as they never flew far out over the open water; when sailors saw them, land was nearby. There are many variations, such as more than one swallow for longer journeys, or a swallow with a sword to indicate someone lost at sea. It can also mean “jail bird” for someone who has done time in prison.

A common sight among those in naval forces, an anchor can mean many different things, including the need to “anchor” oneself to something, or the symbol of hope. For sailors it might mean they crossed the equator, or it could stand for something on a specific ship, assuming the name of the ship is written across or in the tattoo.

A cat tattooed on the body is the traditional sign of a thief, thought it could mean other things. One cat means a person is solitary, while several cats stand for a gang. On the other hand, someone who simply loves cats might find a good reason to tattoo the feline on their body.

Dolphins often stand for prosperity, but they also stand for duality, such as living at sea and on land. Dolphins are often found on the bodies of those who believe they are living in two worlds at once, or have two complex sides to them.

Butterflies are the beautiful creatures that result from change, and so it is with the butterfly tattoo. Some choose it simply because it’s a lovely feminine design, but others choose it to make a transition in their lives.

Though this traditionally denotes someone who has spent time in prison, it can also mean someone who feels trapped. Sometimes the spider web is paired with bricks falling from the walls of a prison or other motifs to show escape from what was holding them back.

Dream catcher tattoo meaning? or any idea, Yahoo Answers

Dream catcher tattoo meaning? or any idea?

Dream catcher tattoo meaning? or any idea?

okay so i was wondering if this makes sense? like getting a dream catcher meaning that its supposed to symbolize letting in good things and staying away from bad? like i was thinking something that would represent like positive things coming in instead of negative things. like all ive been through.

You may or may not regret it as you get older. There is no way to know for sure, but old people aren't usually running around in bikinis, they tend to cover up out of modesty and cold (lol) so no one will even likely see it when you are old and wrinkled. And just think, there will be tons of us old and wrinkled folks around with messed up tattoos and we can all hang out and laugh together at how funny they look and be happy that we did what we wanted when we were young and didn't listen to anyone else. Who gives a $h!t at that age??

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Tattoo catcher dream - meaning and patterns of tattoo woman, Hommeg

Tattoo catcher dream - meaning and patterns of tattoo woman

The dream sensor is an object rich in symbols that fascinate us. In addition to providing inspiration for DIY projects , It also constitutes a female tattoo pattern for different parts of the body.

If you are looking for inspiration for a tattoo catcher dream, you can check out our picture gallery and read the text above. He will explain to you what the meaning of the tattoo catches dream and the elements that make it up.

The tattoo catcher dream or dream catcher is a variant of feather tattoo laden with symbols

As we know, a dream catcher is an object designed to protect us from bad dreams. We hang it near his bed or we use it as a decoration accessory for his house. Inspired by the culture of North America, the dreamcatcher features a series of typical elements. Among these are: a circle, a canvas, feathers and pearls. These elements have a symbolic meaning that one must know before deciding whether one wishes to afford a tattoo catches dream.

Tattoo catches dream meaning of the elements that make it up

Whether it's a dream sensor tattoo, a drawing Or an object of decoration, this object almost always includes the following elements: a circle, a canvas, feathers and pearls. Taken together, these elements are all easy to find in nature; They express an attachment to our natural environment and to the respectable way of life of it.

Taken separately, the components of tattoo catchers dream also possess an interesting meaning. We examine it in the following lines.

Body art and drawing catch dream - symbols and meaning of its essential components

The circle Is an obliged element of tattoo catches dream. Regarded by many as a simple frame that holds the dream sensor together, it has, in fact, a deep symbolic meaning. Most cultures consider, in fact, that the circle represents the infinite since it has neither beginning nor end. For the same reason, at the spiritual level, it also expresses the circle of life and eternal transformation.

The Web Is present on all dream catcher drawings and on all the tattoos of this mystical object. His function? To capture bad dreams and not allow them to disrupt our sleep. On another level, the canvas is an object that symbolizes the complexity and challenges that confront life.

And then, the canvas is also a product of an activity traditionally carried out by women, weaving. For this reason, it also symbolizes femininity and creativity.

Women's Tattoo Idea - The Decorations That Accompany a Tattoo Catch Dream

Feathers Are another component necessarily present in a tattoo sensor dream. The essential accessory of the bird dress, the feather is associated with lightness and freedom. And, as birds can symbolize the human soul, their plumage is symbolically interpreted as the image of the breath. It is for this reason that, in the tattoo catches dream, the feathers are attached to the circle of life.

Pearls Are one of the most frequent decorations of the sensors of dreams. They generally appear there as an object hanging from the canvas and they accompany as such the feathers. The pearls add a touch of color to the dreamcatcher.

They are therefore a fashion accessory that symbolizes beauty. On the other hand, pearls are also used to illustrate good dreams as opposed to nightmares. They are therefore a way to attract good things in his life.

The Dream Sensor Tattoo as a symbol of hippy culture and bohemian chic style

All its meanings of the tattoo catch dream also combine with another aspect, that of the role of ethnic decoration and nature in the culture of the 20th century. Dream sensor drawings and images are widely regarded today as coming from the culture of North America.

According to some, the origins of this object go back to the Ojibwe people who lived in an area north of the Rio Grande River, in the United States and Canada. This people had a legend about the spider woman who was able to protect the children. The dream sensor with a spider's web was made as a symbolic image of this woman in order to protect the big ones and the little ones during their sleep.

The culture of the peoples of North America has greatly influenced the fashion of the hippie movement and the bohemian deco. It is included in many symbols and accessories of ethnic inspiration. It is especially during the 60s and 70s of the 20th century that drawings and tattoos catches dream began to be attached to the hippie style and boho chic.

Customize your woman tattoo inspired by dream sensor drawings

The dream sensor is A tattoo woman Very popular lately. It can be made in various sizes and can be worn on all parts of the body. If this body art pattern tempts you, know that you can imagine different ways to customize your catch tattoo dream.

In addition to the circle, canvas, feathers and pearls, one can also opt for protective animals that accompany the classic elements of a dream sensor. Examples of this kind of animals are the wolf and the lion. And since the dream sensor tattoo is largely associated with femininity, many girls choose to complement it with other female symbols like flowers. The rose is a classic and timeless choice.

Finally, know that, like any other Tattoo woman , The dreamcatcher also lends itself to personalization through various messages. These are sometimes inscribed within the circle of the dream catcher, sometimes around it. It's up to you to decide what message you want to burn and find the best location!

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