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Other articles

Ticketmaster bets on smarter tickets to outsmart fraudsters, The Drum

Ticketmaster bets on smarter tickets to outsmart fraudsters

Ticket sales company Ticketmaster has launched Presence, or what it calls a “next generation venue access control and fan engagement platform” that uses a number of proximity-based digital technologies like RFID, NFC and sound to replace paper tickets and theoretically speed up venue access and ticket transfers, while also eliminating fraud.

Calling it “the future of ticketing”, Ticketmaster said fans use smart devices to enter venues with Presence. Justin Burleigh, executive vice president of product at Ticketmaster, likened it to tap-and-go technology, such as making payments at Starbucks or via Apple and Android Pay.

Presence is in 33 US venues now, but Burleigh expects to be in 80 of the “most marquis” venues in the US by the end of the year. That includes the Atlanta Falcons’ (and Atlanta United Football Club’s) new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and New York’s Madison Square Garden. Burleigh said this expansion will include 20 of the top sports teams and about 20% of all tickets.

Presence debuted early this year at Orlando City Stadium, the home of Orlando City Soccer Club. Ticketmaster said the venue has nearly quadrupled the number of identified new fans per game as a result and has seen instances of ticket fraud go from 120+ cases per game to zero.

Presence includes technology from Lisnr, a communication protocol that uses inaudible sound to transmit information. Rodney Williams, chief executive of Lisnr, said this data transmission over audio is an alternative to QR codes, but has a defect rate less than 1%. That’s versus a QR code failure rate of 10% to 20%, which he said is what creates lines at events.

“If you don’t have a failure rate, you don’t have a line,” Williams said.

Indeed, Ticketmaster says the combined product is a “streamlined, safe and more personalized and enjoyable live event experience for all”.

But given that attendees will undoubtedly still have to go through security, it is unlikely this will eliminate lines altogether – in fact, the advantages for Presence seem more numerous for Ticketmaster and venues themselves.

To wit: Presence gives venues real-time map-based attendance reporting and enhanced ticket management. That means venue personnel can, say, more easily see congestion at a particular gate and encourage attendees to try different entry points, Burleigh said.

Presence does allow fans to transfer tickets using text, email and Facebook Messenger and post tickets for sale directly from the app. In addition, entry information, in-venue updates, upgrade offers and event changes can be communicated directly to attendees.

And while Burleigh insists shaving seconds off each entry adds up, the emphasis seems most intently focused on preventing fraud.

That’s in part because QR codes on paper tickets can be easily screenshot and shared.

In fact, Burleigh said, “For us, the leading goal is to protect against fraud and enhance security overall”.

Paper tickets are also somewhat anonymous, but these digital tickets are personalized throughout the lifecycle. As a result, Ticketmaster said venues can increase security and decrease fraud by better understanding who bought the ticket and who is in the seat at an event.

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TTicketmaster: Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 557 3674

Ticketmaster: Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 557 3674 Opening Times for Ticketmaster
  • Business Name: Ticketmaster
  • Phone Number: 0843 557 3674
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm
  • Head Office Address: Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., 9348 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Website:

Ticketmaster is the UK’s primary events coordination and ticketing agency, operating largely online and promoting events of all sorts all across the UK. From gigs and concerts, to festivals, sporting events, ticketed speeches, talks and seminars, if tickets are involved, Ticketmaster is involved.

No matter what the event is, Ticketmaster can get you in, so if you like getting your kicks, you’ll need them. As a result, if you’re any kind of fan of any kind of thing, it’s possible that you will wind up calling the Ticketmaster customer contact number at some point, for any number of reasons. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do – you’ll be able to pick up the phone and call the customer service numbers on this page, get straight through to the Ticketmaster customer service department and resolve your issue with ease! Hopefully.

If you would like to contact Ticketmaster regarding general inquiries or to make a complaint you can the customer service team to speak to an advisor on 0843 557 3674

Ticketmaster Contact Numbers Ticketmaster Customer Service – 0843 557 3674

As the UK’s premier events promoter and ticket sales agency, basically every ticketed UK event goes through Ticketmaster. From Lady Gaga’s latest sold-out tour, to the nostalgia bombs of Robbie Williams, the fury of professional American wrestling, the roar and drama of heavyweight boxing championships and the shredding and screeching of the deepest, blackest metal that Hell can provide, Ticketmaster are there, with the tickets you’ll need to get past the burly security guards.

As a result, you may eventually need to contact Ticketmaster, for one reason or another. For example, if you have bought a ticket and it hasn’t turned up, or if you received the wrong tickets for an event, or the wrong date. If your ticket has defects on it or has not arrived at all, you may also need to call – or your call could simply be for information-gathering purposes, and nothing more traumatic than that. Perhaps you simply need to know more about an event, or about a ticketing service. Maybe you’re scoping out Ticketmaster as a potential employer. Maybe you’re asking questions to carry out some sort of ticket heist.

Whatever your reasons for calling, you can get in touch with the Ticketmaster customer service department quickly and easily using the number listed above on this page, or via any of the social media found below. You can also use a traditional post-service approach to carry a literal physical letter to the Ticketmaster head offices – although, in the event that you are getting in touch regarding and approaching event, it may be wise to choose a faster, more immediate contact method, like the contact phone line found on this page, or the internet-based options available at the bottom of the site.

Ultimately, the contact phone number is the fastest and most effective way to get in touch, and by far the surest method to assuage your doubts and resolve your issues. A conversation cannot be resumed after some weeks, the way a correspondence can. It cannot be misplaced or misdirected. It simply is.

Ticketmaster Head Office – 0843 658 0898

If you need to get in touch with the Ticketmaster customer service number, you may also find it worthwhile to look into the advantages of calling the head office. With a customer services department of its own, the Ticketmaster head office is located in picturesque West California, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, in the politically wracked and wrought United States of America, located in the northern hemisphere of the western hemisphere of the planet Earth.

Originally founded in Hollywood due to its incredible diversity of live performances and events, Ticketmaster quickly realised the potential in its earliest forays into events promotion and ticketing, which, in those days, were entirely based around telephone orders and magazine advertising, since the internet was still simply a DARPA communications network, as yet unknown to the general population.

When the internet did burst onto the scene, Ticketmaster were on it like a fox on an isolated chicken, grabbing it with both hands and riding it right to the top of the heap. With a new, much faster method of communicating with both venues and customers, Ticketmaster were able to establish themselves as the go-to ticket sales agency on the global scene, and even today, they are the first to be notified of upcoming ventures by live performers and events organisers of all stripes and from all corners.

The Ticketmaster head office is the perfect choice for calling if you can’t get the help you need from a standard Ticketmaster customer service representative or mobile agent, since it is home to much more capable and authoritative company executives and live performance engineers from all sides of the spectrum – the hub of all Ticketmaster’s events, the nerve centre of their operation. Therefore, the experts there are more likely to be able to help you than any ordinary customer service representative. However, don’t simply skip over the normal customer service department – doing so may simply result in being bumped back down to the bottom of the heap for wasting the time of more powerful executives.

Instead, if you call the customer service department, they will put you through to head office executives upon your request or after you cannot resolve your issue or adequately answer your enquiry with them.

Ticketmaster Services – 0844 248 2169

Ticketmaster is, simply put, the largest and most pervasive tickets service on this good earth. From Hollywood to London, from Beijing to Toronto, and from Delhi to Amway, if there’s an event on, and tickets are required to enter that event, Ticketmaster will be there, a fistful of tickets in one hand, a big smile and a bundle of change ready to go.

The basic function of Ticketmaster is to act as a go-between for ticket sales, lubricating the narrowest crevices between the customer and the venue or organiser, so that the customers find it as easy as possible to buy tickets, and the organisers find it as easy as possible to sell them.

Every aspect of the purchase of these tickets is available online, and can be viewed on the Ticketmaster website. Several options are available to personalise your order, and once it is complete, your tickets will be delivered to you in one of two ways.

If the event demands specific physical tickets, you will have to provide Ticketmaster with your physical address, to which they will deliver the specialised tickets, usually printed in such a way as to make them very difficult to forge and used by high-brow or exclusive venues.

If the event does not demand such stricture and instead prefers simple, breezy efficiency, you will be able to print your ticket yourself at any printer, assuming you have a connection to the internet, which we assume you do have since you bought the tickets in the first place.

Once the tickets have been bought, a downloadable .pdf version will be sent to your provided email address, which you can then print at your leisure and present in physical hard-copy form at the event. As most events mark tickets with a stamp or by tearing them, it is not possible to simply show your smartphone with the .pdf of the ticket on it, as a smartphone cannot be torn a little bit by door staff to show that it’s been used already, and in any case, the .pdf could be duplicated by thieves and jackals.

Your reasons to call the Ticketmaster customer service contact number may also include, but will not be limited to:

  • Buying tickets for an event which you are interested in attending
  • Making enquiries into events which you are interested in attending, provided that that event will be ticketed
  • Making enquiries into the dates, times, and locations of Ticketmaster events
  • To change an aspect of an order you have made, such as your address
  • To register a complaint against Ticketmaster for whatever reason
  • To report an issue with ticketing
  • To report an issue with the Ticketmaster website
  • Leaving feedback for the Ticketmaster team
  • Making a request for ticketing at a specific kind of event
  • Requesting a refund or reimbursement
  • Making a complaint

Ticketmaster Complaints – 0844 248 2171

If worst comes to worst, you may need to actually register a complaint against Ticketmaster. This is not uncommon – millions upon millions of tickets are sold every year, and if even a tiny fraction of a percentage point of those require a complaint, that’s still hundreds of thousands of complaints.

You may be calling to complaint about the service received online; about the quality of the Ticketmaster website service and experience; about the way you were treated by a member the Ticketmaster staff; the price of the tickets; tickets not arriving or turning up late, wrong, or damaged; or any number of other reasons.

Whatever your reason for complaining, you can do so easily and quickly on the Ticketmaster customer contact number, which has a dedicated section of its customer service department entirely based around the prospect of handling a complaint as effectively and completely as possible. This makes it by far the quickest, least stressful and most direct way to get in touch with Ticketmaster concerning a complaint, considerably beating the speed of mail, the responsiveness of social media and the stress levels of storming into the offices in person.

The agents on the other end of the Ticketmaster phone lines are experts in handling complaints, and have years of experience between them in making sure that customers walk away from any interaction with Ticketmaster feeling vindicated, satisfied, and comfortably full. Each of the customer service departments used by Ticketmaster is also a complaints centre, as the two are inseperably linked, and interdependent on one another. Therefore you know that when you phone the ticketmaster complaints line on the number listed above, you’ll be able to get through to an experienced professional who knows their trade, knows what they are doing and knows how to resolve your issue – or, at the very least, how to ensure that you leave feeling as though the issue has been comfortably replaced in your mind with a feeling of satisfaction.

Ticketmaster Social Media

Ticketmaster Facebook:

Ticketmaster Twitter:

Ticketmaster Instagram:

Ticketmaster Youtube:

Ticketmaster Blog:

Ticketmaster Online:

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Been calling for nearly a full day and keep getting disconnected, I have a valid query and need to speak to someone ASAP

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Save time & money with our handy phone option guides

Ratings for the best customer services departments

The best deals and voucher codes for top UK companies

How to get tickets for any Ticketmaster event

How to get tickets for any Ticketmaster event

Using the following steps, I have never been shut out of a concert or event that I wanted to attend. This includes getting tickets for the hugely popular Pearl Jam in Atlantic City show, both nights of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts at Madison Square Gardens, playoff hockey games etc.

Please read the disclaimer if you plan on using this method to buy tickets with the intent of reselling for profit.

Dec. 17th, 2015 Update: due to the higher than average volume of traffic to this guide, I’ve updated it to be as current as possible.

First up, I have consistently found that using the Internet and and/or is the ideal way to get the best tickets possible. Using the phone to call Ticketmaster when the tickets go on sale will only lead to you hearing a busy signal. Lining up at a Ticketmaster or event outlet is never a good idea, and here’s why. If the person at the ticket booth/cash register is at all slow, ie. tickets go on sale at 10AM and the person selling the tickets isn’t ready until 10:05AM, all the good seats will be gone by then. If you’re even second in line, by the time the first purchase has been completed by the person in front of you, all the good tickets will be gone. Always use the Internet to get the best possible seats/tickets. Here’s how you go about doing just that –

1. Setting the clock

No, not your alarm clock – the clock on your computer. I couldn’t possibly count the number of times I’ve heard someone say “I got to right at 10:00AM when the tickets went on sale, but they were already sold out!”. What really happened was they got to Ticketmaster when they thought it was 10AM. Just because your watch or PC time says it’s 10:00AM, doesn’t necessarily make it so. Even being off by 10 or 20 seconds can make the difference between a great seat, and one way, way back.

To fix this, sync your computer’s time with the Atomic Time.

Select your Operating System from the list below to setup/confirm you’re using Atomic Time sync.

Setting up OS X with Atomic Time Sync

  1. If you’re using OS X 10.4 or higher (unless your Mac is very old, you almost certainly are), you can check to make sure you’re using Atomic Time by selecting the date/time section of the menu bar, and then click Date & Time Preferences.

  • From here, confirm that Set date and time automatically: is checked. Then select Time Zone and confirm that your Mac is set to the correct location.

    Setting up Windows Vista and/or Windows 7 with Atomic Time Sync

    1. Click the time/date section from your Taskbar and select Change date and time settings… from the pop-up menu.

  • On the Date and Time tab, confirm that you have the correct Time Zone set. If you don’t, click the Change time zone… button. Note: if your time zone is already set correctly, skip the next step.

  • Select the correct time zone for your location from the drop-down menu, and click the OK button.

  • Now select the Internet Time tab from the top. Click the Change settings… button.

  • Make absolutely certain that Synchronize with an Internet time server is checked. Then click the Update Now button.

  • You should now see that Windows has updated the time. You’ll also want to do this step 10 or 15 minutes before tickets go on sale so that your PC’s clock is set exactly perfectly.

    Setting up Windows XP with Atomic Time Sync

    Windows XP has a built-in feature that allows you to sync your PC with an atomic clock, although the default server that it uses has been problematic in the past. Because of this, I suggest using Atomic TimeSync, a free Windows utility (for 95, 98, NT, 2K, ME and XP).

    1. Run Atomic TimeSync 10 or 15 minutes before the tickets go on sale (make sure that you’re online)
    2. Double-click its icon in your system tray

  • Click the Get Atomic Time button, and then the Synchronize button

  • If everything was successful, you can skip the next few steps and move on to the using Ticketmaster section.
  • If you had a problem getting the Atomic Time, first make sure your Internet connection is working. If you’re certain that you’re online, you might need to switch the server that Atomic TimeSync uses. To do this, right-click the Atomic TimeSync icon in your system tray and select Config

  • The default Atomic Clock server should be in the Network Time Server field. If you live elsewhere, visit this site to find an Atomic Time server for your area.

  • Repeat step #3 and you should be set.
  • You’re done this part – you can jump down to the Advanced Ticket Sales section now.
  • 2. Advanced Ticket Sales

    Make a list of all the bands (teams, events etc) you like. One by one visit their official home pages and sign up for their mailing list. “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. If they have a forum, give it a read and see if there’s a Fan Club or something similar. Many bands will do an advanced “pre-sale” for fan club members only. Fan club members will receive a password and then use it to sign in to Ticketmaster at the time of the pre-sale. I would still strongly suggest following all of the steps outlined in this tutorial even if you have access to the fan club pre-sale, because those special pre-sales often have a limited number of tickets available.

    Ticketmaster also has some form of partnership with American Express, and many events have an “American Express only” pre-sale, where you must use an AmEx to purchase tickets. If you’re really serious about getting tickets, consider getting an American Express card.

    3. Using Ticketmaster

    Ticketmaster and Live Nation have implemented a number of tricks to stop you from getting the tickets you want. Actually, what they’ve done is try to keep things “fair” and avoid system crashes on their end. Here are some ways to maximize your chances of getting those tickets.

    1. Most important – create your Ticketmaster account, and sign in to it, before the tickets go on sale. This ensures that you 1) won’t find out at the last minute that you’ve forgotten your Ticketmaster password and 2) decreases the number of steps you’ll have to go through when buying tickets.
    2. Do not use your browsers Refresh button, at all, on Ticketmaster uses cookies, your IP address and who-knows-what-else to track exactly what you’re doing. Going to the event page a minute before tickets go on sale and hitting refresh will almost certainly guarantee that you do not get tickets.
    3. Instead, enter the artist/team/event name in the search field, and as soon as your computers clock changes to the onsale time, click Search.

  • You’ll be presented with either a page to narrow down your search (image 1) or a list of events (image 2). To find out which of the screens that you’ll get, try this search ahead of time (the day before the tickets go on sale)

    click to enlarge

    click to enlarge

    Your goal should be to get to a screen that says Find Tickets directly next to the event you want to attend, 1 (one) click after the time the tickets go on sale.

  • 4. Use a VPN on another Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

    If you have a 2nd computer (or iPad, Smartphone, tablet…) handy, use a VPN on that computer or device so that it has a different IP address from your ‘first’ computer. All devices connected to your home network, WiFi or otherwise, share the same IP address – unless one of them is using a VPN. If your second computer/device has a different IP address, you can use both to try and get tickets, doubling your chances. Using a VPN is remarkably simple, and we have detailed instructions on how to set one up for the following Operating Systems (links open in a new window/tab):

    Make sure to visit from each browser, and make sure that your IP shows up differently in each.

    5. Go to work

    Literally. If you work somewhere that has a broadband connection, and it’s better than your home dial-up, DSL or cable, use it. The added bonus of doing this at work is that you can recruit some of your co-workers to help. Make sure they all have Ticketmaster accounts already created, with their own credit card added to the account etc. If one of your co-workers ends out getting the best tickets, you can just pay him/her back and have them follow through with the ticket purchase.

    My parting piece of advice is to try this with an event you don’t really want to go to (just don’t actually purchase the tickets at the end). Use a Rolling Stones, Madonna or Britney Spears concert or playoff sporting event as a test. They’re usually very difficult to get tickets for, and make for excellent practice runs until you have the process down pat.

    Disclaimer: If you use the above guidelines to buy tickets with the intent of reselling them for profit (scalping) that’s just not cool. I have published this info to help good people not have to deal with scalpers like you. Note: most professional scalpers use tactics much more advanced than this anyway. Like paying street-people to stand in line at Ticketmaster outlets (I’ve seen it).

    Hi. I thought I’d react about your “multiple browsers” solution. I’ve just done a test, having 2 Internet Explorers opened at the same time on the same machine. I have a entered a ticket qty, then entered the word you have to type and submitted the word on both internet explorer in the same second.

    Both browsers resulted in different ticket offers. Just as if I was able to buy these 2 different pairs. And both browsers were on the same machine, so they had the same IP.

    Cookies doesn’t seem to conflict here. Please comment this. Reply to my email please as I may not check this page often.

    Thanks for your tips.

    I’ll answer here (in comments) as well as by email. I think that it depends on the event. When something has been on sale for a while and isn’t close to selling out, I think the ‘security’ restrictions are lighter. In the past I’ve been “locked out” for 60 seconds by for using 2 instances of the same browser. It’s also entirely possible that they’ve changed the “policy” and you can use as many browsers as you want. For me it’s never been an issue to open different browsers as the computers I use to buy tickets are always pretty fast..

    Hope this helps –

    First of all great info. But I am having trouble with the clock. I downloaded it and put in the proper time server (North America) and I click Get Atomic Time. But then it says retrieving for a little while and then says unable to contact server. Any help?

    I’m in Canada and use the U of Colorado server – so I’d expect that one would work for you. If you have trouble with all of the servers, then there’s a “problem” on your PC. The most likely problem would be a firewall blocking traffic on the port that Atomic TimeSync uses (I’m using my Mac right now otherwise I’d check, but I THINK Atomic uses port 13). Check your firewall log files to see if it includes anything about Atomic Sync trying to access the Internet, and then create a rule to allow it. If you need help by all means let me know.

    Got it working, thanks.

    Very, very informative post.

    Great post. I have one question, though. If you use two or three different browsers using different proxies, doesn’t Ticketmaster still recognize you because you’ve logged into their website with your registered name and password?

    does it matter if you dont set your computer for atomic time? would you still be ok by just going by the time on your cell phone and starting clicking at one minute before the event goes on sale?

    Thanks for the tips! I had bookmarked a direct link to an upcoming show on TicketMaster thinking that would be the quickest route to a ticket.

    I used your tip about using TMs search tool and found out that there is a pre-sale that is one full day earlier!

    That tip alone is invaluable!

    Thanks for this. With Boss tickets going on sale in two weeks I’m worried scalper are going to get to them before I do.

    Ha, bruce tickets are exactly why I looked this up. Good luck!

    Another helpful hint: make sure your browser security settings are set to allow both secure and no secure feeds. Internet Explorer will often have pop up boxes asking ‘if the site is trusted’ even if you have entered ticketmaster in the trusted site roster. every time you hit ‘yes’ or ‘continue’ to this question, 2 or 3 minutes appears to be added to the ticket search and response time…i have not found this with Mozilla, etc. But the lesson did cost me Springsteen tickets at face value…..

    Great post, lots of great tips. One question though, is there an atomic time to get for a Mac user? or is the mac already set? Sorry if I missed this detail or should already know the answer.

    thank you, for helping to beat the scalpers… I hate them too.

    It’s built into the OS :) Go to Time and Date in the System Prefs (or just click the time in your menu bar). In Leopard it’s “Set date & time automatically” and you use as the server. In fact I *think* all of this is the default setting.

    I’m still not sure about the whole finding of another server (I have safari and firefox as you suggested) but getting them on differnent proxies….hmmm, I’m not even sure what a proxie does, how to find another one ect… sorry, not as sharp on this stuff as I should be.

    I’m still not sure about the other server thing (I have safari and firefox as you suggested) but getting them on differnent proxies….hmmm, I’m not even sure what a proxie does, well sort of.

    Went to the sites you linked, and the free one only serves windows and I can’t tell if the others work for mac. as you know I’m mac. Is the idea to get an anonymous proxie and then use more than one server (eg. firefox and safari) on the same machine at one time? I have two laptops can they both be used with the same ticketmaster account, at the same time? they would both be on the same wireless network here in my house, would that tip off ticketmaster some how?

    Could I use both laptops each with the two browsers and the same ticketmaster account at the same time?

    sorry lots of questions, but I REALLY want to do this right to get these tix going on sale monday morning.

    Again thanks so much. The internet would really suck if folks like you did not offer so much great help… for free. Down right sainthood is what it’s called!

    Presale Passwords help when you want to get tickets to a popular event. I run a blog where I post over 200 presale passwords every month.

    Ross- Thank you so much for this post! I got much sought after RADIOHEAD tix after following these steps : ]

    That’s awesome! Which city are you seeing them in? I might go to their show in Vancouver, but I’ve yet to decide… (pretty expensive, and I don’t like large venue’s – but that’s pretty much the only way you’re going to see Radiohead)

    Thanks to your excellent tips, I was able to snag a ticket to the upcoming Tom Waits show!

    I’m a very happy monkey now, thanks to you!

    Thank you so much. It worked. I got excellent seats and am so looking forward to see Elton John. Folks try this it really works.

    You’ve just made my whole entire life for helping me get Coheed and Cambria passes.

    I’ll love you forever!

    This still current in your opinion? Thanks!

    Hey thanks for the info!!

    I have to find a way to get tickets to the AC/DC Concert in KC.

    My son is 16 and thought it would make a great concert especially if I could get great seats.

    I have something to add what about the sercurity code you have to enter before your can get seats.. Anyway to get around that?

    Please email me and let me know!!

    Hello, thanks for all your help!

    I was just wondering if you knew anything about purchasing tickets of seetickets, as a while ago i tried to get some hard to get tickets of there and had looked at the site the night before the tickets went on sale, and there were listings of dates, venues etc. However half an hour before the tickets went on sale all dates and venues, or what i needed to click on to get the tickets were no longer on the site. It insisted that there was no dates at all for that artist when there was. I really want to get killers tickets on fri, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much

    I am trying to get tickets to the upcoming Phish concerts in Hampton, VA and they are probably going to sell out in under a minute seeing as show the Hampton Coliseum only hold like 15k. I read through everything, and it seems all there however in terms of getting directly to the page to by tickets to the particular show you want, what about saving that address in your favorites and just clicking on that when the time is right will that still work, becasue it seems like it will save me some valuble time. Please let me know tickets go on sale this Saturday

    I am trying to get tickets to the upcoming Phish concerts in Hampton, VA also

    Good luck. It’ll be a difficult one to get tickets for, no doubt. The info above still holds true. I wouldn’t bookmark any pages because they often change when the switch is flipped from “on sale soon” to “on sale”. For these shows (Phish) you have to increase your odds by getting a bunch of your friends to help you. Make sure they all have accounts created with Ticketmaster (w/ credit cards on file), make sure they all have clock-syncing software installed (as this tutorial outlines) and get them to help you. If you end out w/ extra sets of tickets, there will be no shortage of people who will become your best friends for life if you sell them (AT COST!). If you work at a place where everyone is in a cube w/ a computer – get them in on it too.

    I am also trying to go see Phish. I would love to go to all 3 nights, but would still be thrilled to just get to see one night. Would my chances of getting a ticket increase if I chose just to click on one of the individual nights to purchase a ticket instead of clicking on the 3 day event package, since most people will be clicking on the latter option? Or are my chances the same no matter which option I choose?

    Same question as above. Thank You and Good luck to all the phans who are reading this

    same question as above! Thanks Ross you’re the man!

    Your chances of getting tickets are best if you aim for one show. Probably Sunday. Everyone is going to try and get a 3-night package, and though I don’t know for certain, I would bet that there are fewer 3-night packages than individual tickets. That’s just an educated guess though, and I could be wrong. I don’t know all the details of this sale, but if the 3-night pass is the same seat(s) for all 3 nights, it would further my “guess” that your best bet is to aim for one night, rather than all 3.

    Obviously it’s a very, very tough decision. If you go for all 3 and get shut-out, by the time you go for just one night, they’ll probably be gone. I’ll re-iterate, a previous point – GET YOUR FRIENDS to help. The more of you there are all trying to get tickets, the better your chances are. If you can get 3 friends to help out, tell one to aim for Friday, one to aim for Saturday, one to aim for Sunday, and you yourself try for the 3 night package. If you end out w/ more tickets than you can use, sell them at cost to another phan.

    Also, if you do get shut out, and you have the time, keep trying for about an hour after they go on sale. Peoples credit cards are bound to be rejected, and the tickets will go back into he pool. I’ve got tickets for events that were sold out in minutes, about an hour after the on-sale time, because of rejected credit cards.

    Your method worked! Thanks from a phan…

    Ross. I really appreciate you putting out this info, but I wasn’t nearly as fortunate as others who received Phish tickets. And the irony is, I live within 5 miles of the Hampton Coliseum. The last 3 years Phish had a show here, I’ve gotten shut out. I been seeing, and taping this band for years. So much for helping to spread the word. Instead of spending the outrageous amounts for tickets now available, I’m going to put my money into my business and sell T-shirts at the show. Hampton is a special place for any band to play. I once saw U2 (2 shows), the Grateful Dead (3 shows), and Rush play there in the span of 8 days. But once again, THAT WAS IN THE DAYS WHEN YOU COULD CAMP OUT LOCALLY AND GET SEATS IN YOUR OWN VENUE. If anybody has an extra, e-mail me!

    Thanks but didn’t work for me when it Came to getting PHISH..

    Thanks for the info. I wasn’t able to get Phish tickets, but a friend did. That was seriously one of the toughest tickets I’ve ever tried to get. Out of 10 friends attempting to get pre-sale tix, one got them. Out of 10 that attempted TM, one got them. Tough ticket.

    I downloaded the Opera and Mozilla, yet those + my IE browser all come up with the same IP address when I check them. Is there any way to make them different?

    No luck for Phish, dropped some cash though f. it

    I’m trying to get Britney Spears tickets in Miami, but i was not fortunate enough to find floor tickets during the presale. Do you think ticketmaster holds most of their tickets for the actual public ticket sale (that means after the presale is done)?

    Ah now i get why i didnt get the pre sale britney tickets cos for about half an hour before they went on sale i was pressing refresh every minute ha. and i got the worst seats.

    Im going to try this tomorrow for the public sale cause i want standing.

    Yeah i also want to know do they only let out a certain amount in the pre sale are you more likely to get the ticket you want in the public sale?

    I too am trying to get Britney Spears tickets.. I want to know if they reserve good ones for public or are they all for presales? Do I really need to use another browser like firefox ? or can I just use one of my IE.

    Chicha, Lisa and Ashley –

    The general rule of thumb is that some very good seats are up for grabs in a pre-sale, but the majority are reserved for the general on-sale date. Of course the REALLY good seats are often completely reserved for the band/artist, but only a very small handful. With all of that said, I don’t know how Britney’s tour operates – some bands like Pearl Jam put aside a LOT of the good seats for fan club members, but they are an exception rather than a rule.

    love the post, I was looking for this info and your post came right up!

    I have a few questions:

    1)Could you cover the proxy server (to get different IP addresses) in a little more detail…?

    2) If i go use a school computer lab, which sounds like the best bet, will the computers automatically have different IP addresses assigned?

    3) IN GENERAL, do you have any more tips for using a large computer lab to make your system work…?

    PS: i’m trying to get Phish tickets for my girlfriend this friday/sat…

    1. If you use the same proxy site on two different browsers, will it send the same cookies to ticketmaster.

    2. Can you be logged on, in all three browsers and get away with it? seems like a major flaw if you can’t.

    would be great if you could get back in the next few hours.

    Love this post! One question though… would it still be better for me to get up at o’dark-thirty and wait outside the venue?

    Hey I loved your post! But I have a few questions.. before tomorrow morning! I don’t even know if you read this post anymore.. but hopefully.

    1.) Is there any way to get past the security image?

    2.) Are you supposed to be on the ticketmaster homepage searching the artist or on the page where it has the concert listed and says ‘buy tickets’?

    Are there any good (not main stream) phone numbers for Ticketmaster that help you get tickets faster? Calling the main phone number is worthless with hold times. I have seen others recommend calling out of state numbers for events, but it seems like whenever I do, I get told that they do not cover that region, you have to call the national number. I know there are numbers out there, but it is simply finding one that is not disconnected.

    I can’t believe this actually worked! I bought tickets to see Jimmy Buffett at a VERY small venue and was sure I wasn’t even going to get to a ‘purchase’ page…but I got tickets in the 20th row! Great advice…thank you thank you!


    Im using this to get JONAS tickets, thank you thank you thank you

    My IP shows up the same on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. x_x

    It’s also a good idea to plug your cable modem directly into your computer – DO NOT use a wireless router, they are much slower.

    thank you for the tutorial. i was first time user and your counsel helped me get good seats.

    Thanks for the heads up….gotta try this next time tickets go on sale

    I find with the Advanced ticket sales it always warns that it can’t tell me where the seats will be before I purchase them – so I haven’t used it. Are they the best seats?

    I am planning to get Glee tickets next Saturday

    What time zone do I set for since I am trying to get Chicago show tickets?? Is it my timezone or is it different for site

    I am hoping to get tickets so I don’t have to paid high price tickets on StubHub:(

    kelsey – YOUR time zone. Make sure the clock on your PC/Mac is set perfectly to your own time zone.

    So when it turns 10am hit search for the concert I want to got to

    and then click find tickets for the city I want to attend to??

    I don’t want to mess up

    I am a bit new on buying tickets online

    I already set up a account on Ticketmaster

    I have a Mac so any other tips I should know

    kelsey – make sure your PC/Mac is set to YOUR time zone, and if tickets go on sale at 10:00AM EST, calculate the difference between the two time zones (yours and EST) – and then be on at 10:00AM EST ready to buy your tickets – not 10:00AM your time zone (unless your time zone IS EST).

    so central time

    Start: Sat, 02/19/11 10:00 AM CST

    So go by my time zone

    and crossed your fingers for me

    Hopefully I’ll get my 3 tickets

    kelsey – yes, if you’re in CST, make sure your Mac is set to CST. At 10:00AM CST (as long as that’s when Ticketmaster says tickets go on sale), get started :) Good luck.

    Is there an easy way to enter those random security word/letter combinations? Some of them are really hard to decipher, and it takes valuable time to enter them or to refresh for a more legible set.

    Thanks for the great info. I’m trying to get 3 Taylor Swift tickets tomorrow through the XL Center Presale (I was on the email list and got the code). Won’t be able to be online Friday when they go on sale to the general public, so tomorrow’s really my only chance.

    1. In my ticketmaster account, I have Taylor Swift as a “favorite artist.” When I go to My Ticketmaster, there is a link for “Find Tickets” next to her name and the name of the venue (XL Center). Should I click this button tomorrow because it seems to me that would be the fastest way, or should I stick with the Taylor Swift search instead?

    2. If I’m aiming to get lowers, floor, or pit tickets, should I select the highest price point when I search, or just do “Best Available”? If I do the highest price point, will it just tell me that no tickets are available?

    1. Your way sounds good – I’ve never tried it myself, but the logic is there (I’ll try it soon!).

    2. Best Available. Highest Price Point can (and often) does mean a “VIP Box” or a seat in a “VIP Box” – which are often not only insanely expensive, but not really the best seats. Unless you want to be in a private box.. Also, Highest Price Point can also sometimes mean a ticket + a parking pass + something else – a “package” deal that costs more, but doesn’t mean you’ll get the best ticket.

    My IP is blocked with Ticketmaster because I hit refresh too many times, because the seats I was getting sucked.

    Any suggestions on how to clear this?

    Craig: it’s almost certainly a temporary block that will be lifted in.. 24 hours? Probably less. For now I’d try going to a friends house or another location (WiFi hotspot at Starbucks etc)…

    Thanks Ross. Unfortunately, tickets are on sale tomorrow to Gen. Pop.

    Guess I’m going to Starbucks and slow Internet connection. Good idea. Thanks.

    Thank you so much for creating this page. I’m a huge music fan and avid concert-goer and have noticed that it’s been getting harder to get tickets to some shows lately. I’m using your advice to get tickets to see Adele tomorrow morning (this will be my 4th attempt after venue upgrades and another show was added to her tour). Crossing my fingers that it works this time! Thanks again. People like you are helping the fans get the better of scalpers.

    Would a wireless college network be better than a home network? I go to LSU and am about to buy tickets

    how do you find out when tickets go on sale

    Good look, just grabbed my Mom Paul McCartney Tickets at Yankee Stadium for her birthday. So psyched I got them, appreciate the advice!

    Not all “scalpers” are bad guys. I work at a ticket reseller – we are a small family-owned company. Reselling tickets (within certain guidelines, of course) is legal in many states, and for us, a license is required.

    Ticket sales are like the stock market – supply and demand and consumer perception. Like all goods and services in a capitalistic economy, it’s all about market value. We have invested in club or “VIP” memberships with certain venues. We have season tickets for some professional sports teams. Please let me know if you would like to spend $15,000 or more to commit to buying our seats for a year, or if you would prefer to buy seats for one or two games/concerts. Just something to think about.

    And are we trying to make money? Ummmmmm….YES! That’s usually the point of owning a business in America. Just sayin’. People complain when they buy tickets for “inflated prices” vs. the face value printed on a ticket. It’s interesting, though; when we sell tickets for 20% (or even 50%!) under face value, no one seems to complain or question their ticket purchase. This happens more than you would think. Also something to think about.

    But do I agree with everything that goes on in our industry? Oh hell no! But I think there are few people, whether priests or janitors or bankers or cashiers, who would say that their industry is perfect either.

    Well…I just wrote a book; thanks to anyone who bothered reading! :-) But remember that for some of us “scalpers”, screwing people over isn’t our goal, nor is it the end result of our transactions with customers.

    I’m going to try this tomorrow morning when tickets go on sale for a concert I want to attend. Thank you for the tips. Even if I end up without tickets, I have the feeling that I understand this process much better than I did before reading your article. Thanks.

    I am going to attempt this with Red Hot Chili Peppers for floor tickets, keeping fingers and toes crossed it works.

    Thank you so much for this advice. I’m bowing to you right now cuz I always get screwed buying concert tix and finally went on line to see if any advice like this existed. Your a life saver for a music buff like me.

    I am hoping to get Tool tix tomorrow at 11 am. I really want the best tix available. I read your reply to Abby about the different price selections. What is your final suggestion on the options for selecting the price and section ? Also if ticks come up and they aren’t desirable is searching again a sure way to miss out entirely?

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    Ross, I’m hoping you still respond to emails as I realize this is an old site that I just came across. Ticketmaster has blocked me! Not once but twice. I have purchased tickets in the past and never had a problem. I logged in this pass Friday and once the tickets went on sale I started looking for seats. I had picked 6 sections that I would be happy sitting in I only wanted 2 tickets. So after awhile none of the 6 sections have come up and all of a sudden a window comes up “The website declined to show this webpage” etc. and if you click on help it says FORBIDDEN error http403. I shut down re-booted still the same. I called TM and was told if you try more then ten times to get tickets TM will lock you out to prevent scalpers and you will be locked out for 24hours! I was so upset I explained I was not a scalper I’m 60 years old and wanted to tickets that this never happened to me before.He told me he could do nothing for me but asked if I wanted to purchase tickets from him online, the tickets he offered where opposite the stage.So Saturday I tried again still looked out, tried again at 10:44am got on and looked at the same four seats seations were coming up so I logged out not wanting to go over my 10 try’s. When I went to log in yesterday I was shocked to see I was LOCKED out again! I called TM and was told that they dont lock people out if it’s like 10 times it quote “A Lot More then that” the girl I talked to said they had a meeting on it last week. I told her no way I’m I a scalper only want two tickets and she said there was noting she could do, I’m blocked. even thou I only tried 6 times on Sunday. Now it’s Monday I go on at 10:49 tried 3 times and logged off because I’m scared they will lock me out for another 24 hours. Do you know who I can talk to about this? TM phone number customer service is of no help getting the run a round. Thanks so much

    I was having this problem last year. All I had to do was email – explained my situation and provided them with my IP address (go to; to find yours) and I was released.

    Any idea if creating an account in another persons name, address etc but with the same Amex card would allow you to order more then the maximum pre sale tickets allowed? I own an Amex but normally they only allow a maximum of 6 tickets for pre sale (could be even less for her!), I’ve got a bunch of us really interested in going to the Lady Gaga concert. If my sister creates an account but has my Amex you think she can order 6 additional tickets under her account? Do you think Ticketmaster blocks you based on it being the same card # as another account user who has just ordered? Anyone!? :)

    I would not try it. I suspect even if the transactions went through, they’d be cancelled at a later date and the tickets would be re-released to the public. I’ve had this happen to a friend using the same credit card on two accounts (though I don’t know specifically if it was an AmEx).

    Thanks so much I hope this information will work well. I am going to try and get tickets for the One Direction concert in Glasgow.

    1. If i’m following a band and am buying tickets for multiple days. do i need multiple ticket master accounts/credit cards

    2. If I’m on different computers and the IP adress is the same does that matter?

    I’m logged into TM, and I’m trying to get 2 tickets for my friend if I get the tickets does TM allow me to put my friends credit card/address etc I’m not going to event? Or since it already has my account info will it not allow me to use hers

    When I go to find tickets on ticketmaster, I can’t see or hear the security code? Do you know how to fix this?

    Thank you sooooooo much. I was able to get VIP package for the one direction concert!

    Thanks Ross. This seems like a great technique. I’m going to try it in a couple of weeks for the Phish shows at the BGCC. Getting tickets for the Greek a couple of years ago was a nightmare. I’d like to re-ask a couple of questions that have yet to be answered.

    1.) Can accessing the same account from multiple devices/browsers cause you to be blocked? I’m guessing that as long as your only purchasing no more than the maximum amount of tickets you should be fine, but I will be using this technique to buy tickets for multiple nights.

    2.) Is having multiple accounts/credit cards a good idea. This could be a problem if your shipping address is the same on all accounts (again, I’m still only talking about purchasing the max amount per person).

    3.) If you have any more information on understanding proxies, it’d be a huge help. All my IPs come up the same in different browsers. I’m connected wirelessly to a router and have a cable modem. I’m trying to decide whether to do this at home or at work (which I’ll test beforehand). I’ll also probably be trying to use the 3G connection on my devices to safeguard from having anything blocked.

    Thanks again. Great info.

    I am trying to get tix for my children and I to go to a concert and i did everything you stated and it went well up to the point of searching for tix. I needed 3 and was on at exactly 10 am and it said it would be like 3 minutes for a wait time. When the search was up it said there were no tickets avbl. There was a limit of 4 tix allowed and after I tried a few times for 3 It would let me get one at a time, but not more than that. My kids are too young to be sat randomly across a stadium… is there something I can do?

    I’m trying to get One Direction PreSale Tickets tomorrow. Do you have any advice for the presales? Specifically for purchasing Ultimate VIP Packages. Usually when I try to purchase tickets it says the tickets that I want aren’t there after a minute basically. But I guess that’s because I refresh the page and not do what you said. Thank you so much! I’m trying all of this out tomorrow at 10 am :)

    I just read this article today (July 20, 2012), and realize that I’ve already been following this same method to get tickets for several years now. The problem is that tickets for some shows (e.g., Radiohead) appear to sell out in the very first second. Scalpers may have found a way to automatically time their purchases faster that us humans can click our mouses.

    At the onsale time, will “More Info” automatically change to “Find Tickets,” or do I need to do something else? Any insight would be appreciated!

    Can we buy more than one ticket at the same time??

    Hi Ross – Wouldn’t it work if one were to land on the search results page BEFOREHAND, and then click on ‘See Tickets’ at the on-sale time?

    This is years late but your chance of one good ticket is better than if you tried buying four. Two might be okay

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